CPA Student Research Grant Recipients

Congratulations to the Recipients of the 2019 CPA’s Student Research and Knowledge Dissemination Grants.
Both the Board of Directors and the Scientific Affairs Committee of the Canadian Psychological Association (CPA) are pleased to announce that the following individuals have been selected as one of the 2019 winners of the CPA’s Student Research and Knowledge Dissemination Grants. This award recognizes exceptional student research and knowledge dissemination efforts in all areas of psychology. Grant recipients will receive a cheque for $1,000.00. Congratulations to all!

2019 Winners

Name of Grant Recipient
Title/Focus of Research
Kheana Barbeau
Examining how women resolve cognitive dissonance during a body image threat and how these coping strategies affect motivation for eating regulation, body image, physiological stress responses, and weight-controlling behaviors
University of Ottawa
Ryan Cook
Validating the Conditional Reasoning Test for Workplace Psychopathy (CRT-WP)
Saint Mary’s University
Cody Fogg
How competition and inequality affect the workplace
University of Regina
Kelsi Toews
The Process of Help-Seeking and Help-Receiving among Men who have Experienced Intimate Partner Violence and their Service Providers
University of Saskatchewan
Christopher J. Lively
Youth Interrogation Rights: Can Comprehension Be Enhanced Through The Multimedia Effect?
Memorial University
Bailee Malivoire
Imagining the glass half-full: An intervention to improve negative interpretation bias in GAD
Ryerson University
Chelsea Moran
Questionable Research Practices, Replication Crisis and Open Science: A National Survey of Canadian Psychology Students
University of Calgary
Corey Petsnik
Does Socioeconomic Status Moderate Reactions to Ostracism?
University of Manitoba
Kristin M. Schramer
Understanding Turner Syndrome in Women using Photovoice
University of Windsor
René‐Pierre Sonier
Aging and episodic memory: Testing the Associative Deficit Hypothesis
University of Moncton
Elaine Toombs
Community Consultation of Primary Mental Health Care Needs in Rural Indigenous Communities
Lakehead University
Vivien So
Chinese Canadian young adults’ experiences of parental monitoring
University of Victoria
Odelia Wong
How AVI Design Affects Applicant Outcomes: Interview Performance, Impression Management, and Anxiety
Saint Mary’s University

2018 Winners

Name of Grant Recipient
Title/Focus of Research
Catherine Gallagher
Trauma and substance use in women offenders: The transdiagnostic role of distress tolerance, anxiety sensitivity, and emotion regulation
University of New Brunswick
Jennifer Barnes
Examining association between maternal trauma, child attachment security, and child behaviours in refugee families in Canada
University of Manitoba
Rawa (Ruby) Jamil
Mental Health and Well-being in Arab-Canadian Immigrants
University of Windsor
Stephanie Lung
How do sensory patterns and cognitive flexibility contribute to the restricted, repetitive symptoms in school-aged children with autism?
McGill University
Duncan Greig
Evaluating the assessment and management of institutional violence risk in a forensic hospital
Simon Fraser University
Chastine Lamoureux
Motor stereotypes and early language acquisition: Understanding the relationship between rhythmic arm activity and reduplicated babble using a novel online longitudinal design
Ryerson University
Erin Dempsey
The development of moral foundations in autism spectrum disorder
Dalhousie University
Hilary Power
A qualitative exploration of the information and service needs of children and adolescents with cystic fibrosis
University of Regina
Kathleen Stewart
Reducing worry in generalized anxiety disorder through the training of attention control
Ryerson University
Soeun Lee
A pilot study of a 5-week group for parents of youth with chronic pain: Feasibility, acceptability and initial effectiveness
University of Guelph

2017 Winners

Name of Grant Recipient
Title/Focus of Research
Anja-Xiaoxing Cui
Queens University
Musical Knowledge in the Brain
Ashlee Kitchenham
University of New Brunswick
Aging-Out of Foster Care: Career Development Success in the Contemporary World of Work
Brooke Beatie
University of Manitoba
Examining the Mental Health Profiles of Mild Cognitive Impairment and Dementia Caregivers
Claire Champigny
York University
The Academic Profile of Youth with Pediatric Stroke: Achievements, Challenges and Personal Experiences
Faith Eiboff
University of British Columbia
High Prevalence and Severity of Intimate Partner Violence among Homeless Women with Mental Illness
Kristene Cheung
University of Manitoba
Paternal Depression and Marital Quality: A Meta-Analysis.
Kaitlyn Werner
Carleton University
Understanding the Role of Motivation in the Visual Perception of Desires
Molly Cairncross
University of Windsor
Is your Mind Full? Th Effects of an Internet-delivered Mindfulness-based Intervention on Perceived Stress, Psychological Symptoms, and Emotion Regulation
Nigel Mantou Lou
University of Alberta
Social Comparisons Influence Migrants’ Language Mindsets and Cultural Adjustment
Victoria Ewen
Lakehead University
The Association between Cannabis Use, Affect and Psychiatric Symptoms Using Ecological Momentary Assessments