Ethics / Déontologie

2022 – 2023 Committee / Comité

Chair / Président

Janel Gauthier

Vice-Chair / Vice-Président

Donald Stewart

Members / Membres

Janine Hubbard (Board Liaison – Observer)
Olga Heath
Stewart Madon (Ethics Officer – Observer)
Meghan McMurtry
Hélène Richard
Robyn Shields (Student Member)
Carole Sinclair
Cannie Stark
Ivan Zinger

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Accountability and Objectives

The Committee on Ethics is an arm’s-length standing committee of the Canadian Psychological Association Board of Directors. The Committee reports to the Board of Directors through the Committee Chair and a member of the Board of Directors appointed by the Board to be Board Liaison to the Committee.

The Committee on Ethics is available to the CPA Board of Directors and Head Office staff to: (i) respond to questions and requests for consultation from CPA members, psychology or other organizations, and members of the public; (ii) generate formal opinions on specific ethical questions/issues; (iii) consider the need for and develop new ethical guidelines for approval by the Board; (iv) guide the development of and revisions to the Canadian Code of Ethics for Psychologists; (v) develop and/or provide educational resources for members; (vi) review and provide recommendations for self-disclosures or external reports (e.g., regulatory bodies, media) of serious unethical or illegal conduct; and, (vii) when there is no alternative forum, review and seek informal resolution, or provide recommendations, regarding complaints of unethical conduct against members.

Call for papers: 40th anniversary of the Canadian Code of Ethics for Psychologists

The idea of a special issue of Canadian Psychology honouring both the legacy and the enduring value of the Code to psychologists in Canada and around the world was first advanced by the CPA Committee on Ethics. The special issue will provide an opportunity to engage in reflection and analysis of the ethical challenges facing psychology and how our Code serves to embody our values as a discipline and advance our understanding of how to meet our ethical obligations to society. Its message will be one of inspiration. The special issue will be of relevance to Canadian psychologists, students, and supervisees, as well as members of cognate disciplines and consumers of psychological services.

Letter of intent deadline: February 1, 2024

Manuscript submission deadline: August 31, 2024

Call for Members to Serve on CPA Committee on Ethics

The CPA’s Committee on Ethics (CoE) is currently seeking applications for new members, with a particular interest in new members from equity-deserving groups. If you are a member of the CPA with knowledge of – and a commitment to – ethics, please see the linked document for more information about how to apply!
Call_for_New_CoE_Members_WebVersion_Final EN.pdf

Invitation to collaborate in the development of Ethical Guidelines for Inclusivity and Non-Discrimination in Psychology

The CPA Committee on Ethics (CoE) has identified the need for an update, clarification, and expansion of the Guidelines for Non-Discriminatory Practice (1990, Updated 2001, 2017) and has approved the development of Ethical Guidelines for Inclusivity and Non-Discrimination in Psychology.  Our goals with this project are to provide clarification of the issues and to guide psychologists towards best practices. In keeping with our Code, these revised guidelines will be aspirational in nature rather than prescriptive or proscriptive

As Coordinator of this endeavour, Dr. Cannie Stark invites all CPA Members to collaborate with the CoE on this endeavour to develop ethical guidelines for inclusivity and non-discrimination in psychology.  Click here for more information