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Fact Sheets

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Websites for Psychologists and Their Clients


General Interest:


Clinical Interest Sites:

    The Anxiety-Panic Info Resource -" tAPir:
    The Anxiety Panic internet resource, a grass roots project involving thousands of people interested in anxiety disorders such as panic attacks, phobias, shyness, generalized anxiety, obsessive-compulsive behavior and post traumatic stress, is a self-help network dedicated to the overcoming and cure of overwhelming anxiety." Material on the phenomena of anxiety, its treatment, support groups, designed primarily for those looking for help, there is something for the professional as well. Good presentation.

    Archives of General Psychiatry
    The Psychiatry journal of the American Medical Association contains: Current issue table of contents and Past issues of the Archives, both of which provide links to abstracts; and Psychiatry-related links on the AMA site.

    The American Professional Society on the Abuse of Children (APSAC)
    An interdisciplinary professional society ... to ensure that everyone affected by child abuse and neglect receives the best possible professional response ."

    Canadian Institutes of Health Research (CIHR)
    "a modern framework to bring together all fields of health research..."
    Instituts canadiens de recherche en santé (ICRS)

    "un cadre moderne permettant de relier tous les secteurs de la recherche en santé."
    Cognitive Therapy and Research
    " a broadly conceived interdisciplinary journal whose main function is to stimulate and communicate research and theory on the role of cognitive processes in human adaptation and adjustment. It attempts to integrate such diverse areas of psychology as clinical, cognitive, counseling developmental, experimental, learning, personality, and social. The journal publishes experimental studies, theoretical articles, review articles, technical articles, methodological articles, case studies, and brief reports. ... published by Plenum Press."

    Regarding Evidence Based Medicine (EBM)
    The Centre for Evidence-based Medicine's home page. Nice presentation. Obviously a work in progress. Look for CATs: "The CATbank will be a creation, storage and retrieval facility for a collection of CATs (CriticallyAppraised Topics)."

    Mental Health Infosource
    The focus is on continuing medical education in mental health. One can ask experts, participate in chat rooms, access articles and a variety of CE resources, as well as get information on the various psychiatric disorders. A mental health Professional Directory and Classified section are attached. Many links.

    National Alliance for the Mentally Ill. (NAMI)
    A grass roots, self-help, support and advocacy organization dedicated to improving the lives of people with severe mental illness and their loved ones. NAMI strives to reduce stigma and ignorance of severe mental illness to help eliminate discrimination and restrictions on access to essential treatments and life supports such as employment, housing, health insurance, and social contact.
    Membership page. Conferences/Events page. The Helpline Online is an information and referral service. A volunteer at that number can talk with you about mental illnesses and the medications that treat them, as well as provide information on brain disorders.


    Espace dédié à l'actualité et au l'entraide en psychologie clinique, principalement à destination des étudiants et des jeunes diplômés.
    Psychiatry On-Line
    Web site of the International Journal of Psychiatry. Much access to psychiatric resources, a feature is the peer-reviewed journal Psychiatry On-Line, papers of which are archived here. Links to companion journals: Child & Adolescent Psychiatry OnLine, Forensic Psychiatry OnLine, ECT OnLine, Transcultural Mental Health OnLine. One can also "Buy It OnLine": order books, CD-Roms, tapes, and videos from Priory Book Shops.

    Psychology in Daily Life
    The Public Affairs Office of the American Psychological Association has prepared several brochures to provide information on mental health and psychological issues that face us all. They're collected into topical groups of work, family and the mind-body connection. You'll also find a list here of state and provincial psychological associations, many of which offer referrals for mental health services, as well as a link to association ethics documents.

    Psychological Treatment Guidelines: - UK NHS consensus on evidence-based practice
    "This treatment guideline for mental health services is truly amazing in terms of the partnerships involved in developing and supporting the guideline. Backed by the UK Department of Health, representatives from British psychology, psychiatry, counselling, and other mental health organizations worked together to reach evidence-based agreement on services for a range of adult disorders. The full guideline and a brief version are downloadable in pdf format."

    The Society for a Science of Clinical Psychology is a section of Division 12 (Section III) of the American Psychological Association. Its purpose is to affirm and continue to promote the integration of the scientist and the practitioner in training, research, and applied endeavors. Its members represent a diversity of interests and theoretical orientations. The common bond of the membership is a commitment to empirical validation of clinical procedures. The archives of the SSCP newsletter Clinical Science is available on-line. Also available, the Division 12 Task Force on Psychological Interventions Document Archive and the "Manuals for empirically supported treatments: 1998 update."

    Tourette Syndrome: "Life's A Twitch"
    "Through personal and professional experience, Life's A Twitch! offers presentations, writings, research, resources, songs, a chat room, and encouragement to those living with Tourette Syndrome from B. Duncan McKinlay."