Psychology Works Fact Sheets

Psychology Works Fact Sheets are designed to give you information that you can trust. We hope you find them useful. The following Fact Sheets were revised or added since 2009. We will be adding to this list. 

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Autism Spectrum Disorder

Chronic Illness


Developmental Disorders

Eating Disorders


Elimination Disorders

Healthy Living

Learning Disabilities

Mood Disorders


Palliative Care



Sexual and Gender Identity Disorders

Sleep Disorders

Social and Family Relationships







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It is the policy of the Canadian Psychological Association to review each fact sheet every 5 years after publication or last review. Any such document that has been published more than 5 years ago and does not explicitly state it has been reviewed and retained as an official document of the CPA, either with revisions or as originally published, should be considered as a historical reference document only.