• Mind Full, a CPA Podcast: The Importance of Land Acknowledgements

    • The Importance of Land Acknowledgements
      A land acknowledgement is not only about physical land – like the soil, and the ground under our feet. It’s so much more than that. Kohkom Beverly Keeshig-Soonias, the Chair of the Indigenous Peoples’ Psychology Section of the CPA, joins the CPA podcast Mind Full to talk about the centuries of Indigenous tradition that are imbued in land acknowledgements, and how we can approach them in the right way in the spirit of reconciliation.
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  • CJBS Article Spotlight – Can Exposure to Framed Messages About Safety Reduce Risk Behaviours by School-Age Children?

    • Unintentional injuries are the leading cause of preventable deaths for children in Canada and the United States. Previous research has shown that engaging in physical risk taking increases injury risk for school-age children and a positive elevated mood state is associated with greater physical risk taking by children.

      In an article recently published in the Canadian Journal of Behavioural Science (CJBS), Barbara A. Morrongiello, Mackenzie Seasons, Emily Weinberger, and Caroline Zolis examined whether exposing children to framed messages about safety could reduce risk behaviors when they are in a positive elevated mood state and playing in a situation with injury risks. Read the article spotlight here.

  • Continuing Professional Development – Update your Bookmarks!

    • We have made some significant changes in our Continuing Professional Development pages, which has made some old links out of date.

      In order to ensure that you do not miss any of the CPA’s growing list of educational opportunities, be sure to update your bookmarks:

      The CPA/APA Course Bank: Updated Monthly

      Vocalmeet: Home of high-quality Canadian CE courses

      Captus Press: Home of the CPA’s most popular course, “Being an Ethical Psychologist”, with Dr. Carole Sinclair

  • BMS Student Leadership Scholarship

    • BMS LogoCongratulations to the Recipients of the 2023 Leadership Grant sponsored by BMS towards training, practice or leadership-focussed development (e.g., registration in course/workshop, conference, rationalized activities) in all areas of psychology;

      – Amy MacQuarrie, University of New Brunswick Saint John
      – Kaitlyn Mahon, Memorial University

  • Congratulations to Dr. John W Berry for Winning the IUPsyS Lifetime Career Award!

    • IUPsyS logoThe International Union of Psychological Science (IUPsyS) has announced the 2024 IUPsyS Quadrennial Awards Winners. Dr. John W Berry of Canada, and a CPA Honorary Life Fellow, was awarded the Lifetime Career Award! This award honours distinguished and enduring lifetime contributions to international cooperation and advancement of knowledge in the field of psychological science.

  • Student Research Grants

    • The CPA is pleased to announce the recipients of the 2023 Student Research Grants. These grants recognize exceptional student research in all areas of psychology. This year, grants were provided by the CPA, jointly by the CPA and CSBBCS, and by BMS Canada.

      A full list of this year’s recipients can be found here.

  • Call for Nominations for the 2024 CPA Board of Directors

    • Members and Fellows of the Canadian Psychological Association (CPA) are invited to make nominations for the following positions:

      • Two (2) Directors-at-Large (click here for a description of the role)

      Candidates, whose CPA membership is in good standing, must submit their nomination package to the CPA Head Office via electronic form by May 23rd, 2024

      Please click here for more information.

  • Notice of the 2024 Annual General Meeting

    • The eighty-fifth Annual General Meeting of the members of the Canadian Psychological Association will be held on Saturday, June 22, 2024 at 1:00 pm (EST) at The Westin Ottawa, for the purposes of:

      1. receiving and considering the annual report of the President and Committees of the Association, and approving the minutes of the previous Annual General Meeting;
      2. receiving and considering the financial statements, the report of the Auditor and any change in Membership and Affiliation Fees;
      3. appointing of an Auditor;
      4. election of the Board of Directors

      BY ORDER OF THE BOARD OF DIRECTORS, on the nineteenth day of April 2024.

      Lisa Votta-Bleeker, Ph.D.
      Chief Executive Officer

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  • 2024 Newsletter Award Winner

  • Why the CPA/CPAP BMS Insurance Liability Program Is Right For You

    • BMS, CPA, CPAP logosThe BMS Insurance Liability Program is the largest program of its kind for psychology practitioners in Canada. From its market leading coverage to its broker support to its association advocacy, the program has protected CPA/CPAP members with specialized Professional Liability Insurance for over 30 years. Learn more here.

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  • New “Psychology Works” Fact Sheets

    • The CPA has created new “Psychology Works” Fact Sheets on the Benefits of Nature Exposure and on Giftedness in Children and Youth.

    • Benefits of Nature Exposure – PDF | HTML
    • Giftedness in Children and Youth – PDF | HTML
    • You can find all of our “Psychology Works” Fact Sheets here

  • CPA’s Indigenous Psychology Student Award Recipients

    • The CPA would like to congratulate the recipients of the 2023 Indigenous Student Award, which recognizes excellent Indigenous students in the field of psychology;

      – Trinity Stephens
      – Maureen Plante
      – Malcolm Disbrowe
      – Brittany Pratt

      For more information about this Award, please visit the posting on the Funding page.

  • Call for Nominations: 2024 International Union of Psychological Science’s (IUPsyS).

    • The elections committee issues a second call for nominations for election to the IUPsyS Executive Committee from national members holding voting rights in the 2024 Assembly to nominate further candidates by March 11, 2024, for the positions of: President-Elect, Treasurer, and Seven Regular EC Members. Further information about the nomination process, including the required forms are provided here.

      Call for nominations for the IUPsyS Archbishop Desmond Tutu Achievement Against the Odds Award. This award seeks to honour a researcher or team of researchers who succeeded in conducting research under extremely difficult circumstances, involving great personal risk or hardship, for the greater good of scientific research, the scientific community, and/or the public-at-large. Nominations should be received by March 15, 2024. Full details are provided here.

  • Gender Identity in Children and Youth

    • The Canadian Psychological Association supports all children and youth in exploring and expressing their gender identity – including through the use of names and pronouns that affirm their gender and having access to supportive families, schools, and communities dedicated to helping each child develop their most authentic self.

      The Canadian Psychological Association opposes stereotyping, prejudice, and discrimination based on gender identity or expression in exercising all basic human rights.

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  • Briefing Paper: Artificial Intelligence and Psychology

    • Contributors: Adam Sandford, Bryce Mulligan, Eleanor Gittens, Meghan Norris, Myra Fernandes

      Artificial Intelligence and its various uses have been the subject of much speculation in the media and in universities. This Briefing Paper provides a preliminary overview of the topic and makes recommendations for action by the CPA.

      Artificial Intelligence and Psychology EN 2024.pdf

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The Canadian Psychological Association (CPA) respectfully acknowledges that its Head Office and staff are located on the traditional unceded territory of the Algonquin Anishnabeg Peoples. The CPA is committed to being an association that is accountable to Indigenous peoples through our response to the Truth and Reconciliation Commission (TRC) of Canada’s report.