• Mind Full, a CPA Podcast: Sports, gender, and…pickleball? With Sara Weiss

    • Sara Weiss
      It has been a little more than a month since the CPA released the policy statement ‘Promotion of Gender Diversity and Expression and Prevention of Gender-Related Hate and Harm’. Anti-trans bills are still being proposed, laws are still being passed, and real people are still being hurt by public vitriol on the subject of gender diversity. This week on the CPA podcast Mind Full we speak to one of those people. Sara Weiss is a pickleball competitor who was surprised to find herself in the middle of an anti-trans campaign in the leadup to this year’s U.S. Open competition.

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  • 2023 CPA Section Newsletter Award: Counselling Section

    • The Counselling Section is the winner of the 2023 CPA Section Newsletter Award for the December 2022 issue of Kaleidoscope.

      The CPA recognizes the efforts that the Sections put into creating and maintaining their newsletters. Section newsletters serve as an important communication tool to help keep members informed and involved in the Section and in CPA.

  • Mind Full, a CPA Podcast: Corporal Punishment and the law with Dr. Joan Durrant

    • Dr. Joan DurrantThe CPA recently sent a letter of support for Bill S-251, which would make it illegal to hit children for any reason. Dr. Joan Durrant has been campaigning for this over the past several decades, and joins the CPA podcast Mind Full to talk about science, outcomes, and the need to end corporal punishment in Canada.

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  • New “Psychology Works” Fact Sheet Videos

    • The CPA’s “Psychology Works” Fact Sheets are designed to collect trustworthy information on specific subjects. They are used by researchers, practitioners, the media, and the general public. We have started creating videos that highlight some of these fact sheets, to provide an additional way to access this important information.

      A dozen new videos have been added:

  • CPA’s Interim CEO

    • Glenn Brimacombe, Interim CEO, Director of Policy and Public AffairsOn behalf of the Board of Directors, we would like to welcome Glenn Brimacombe into the role of interim CEO of the CPA effective May 1, 2023.


  • 2023 CPA Fellows and Awards Recipients

    • The CPA is pleased to announce the 2023 CPA Fellows and award recipients. This year, we welcome 11 new fellows and congratulate seven award recipients.

  • Student Research Grants

    • The CPA is pleased to announce the recipients of the 2022 Student Research Grants. These grants recognize exceptional student research in all areas of psychology. This year, grants were provided by the CPA, jointly by the CPA and CSBBCS, and by BMS Canada.

      A full list of this year’s recipients can be found here.

  • CPA Public Policy Survey

    • The Canadian Psychological Association has developed a health policy survey to assist with its ongoing advocacy efforts.  The CPA is interested in the opinions of all professionals and students in psychology.

      Please access the survey here:

  • Notice of the 2023 Annual General Meeting

    • The eighty-fourth Annual General Meeting of the members of the Canadian Psychological Association will be held on Saturday, June 24, 2023 at 8:00 am (EST) at the Sheraton Toronto Centre Hotel, for the purposes of:

      1. receiving and considering the annual report of the President and Committees of the Association, and approving the minutes of the previous Annual General Meeting;
      2. receiving and considering the financial statements, the report of the Auditor and any change in Membership and Affiliation Fees;
      3. appointing of an Auditor;
      4. election of the Board of Directors

      BY ORDER OF THE BOARD OF DIRECTORS, on the twentieth day of April 2023.

      Karen R. Cohen, Ph.D.
      Chief Executive Officer

      Annual General Meetings and Reports

  • Call for Nominations for the 2023 CPA Board of Directors

    • Nominations are required for the following positions:

      • Director Representing Science
      • Director Representing Practice
      • Director Representing Education
      • Director-at-Large

      Note: All Board terms are for three years (beginning in June).

      As specified in By-Law 5.04, Directors shall be elected by the members by ordinary resolution at an annual meeting of members at which an election of Directors is required.

      The names and supporting materials of nominees must be submitted to CPA Head Office by electronic form by May 25th, 2023

      For more information see the Board Elections page.

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