Students play an active role in the CPA’s infrastructure:

As one of the CPA’s 32 Sections, the Section for Students in Psychology crosses all section boundaries and provides a forum in which students may learn from each other and begin to prepare for their careers in psychology. The principal objective of the Student Section is to help students participate within the CPA. The Section provides a forum in which students can learn from each other, more fully experience their postsecondary and postgraduate journeys, and begin to prepare for their careers in psychology. It recognizes the need to have a strong voice in the psychological community and thus sustains communication between students in psychology across the country.

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Student News

Psynopsis Vol.41, Issue 2 now available online

Psynopsis Volume 41, Issue 2 on Classification of Mental Disorders is now available.

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Call for Applications – TUTOR-PHC 2020 Intake Year (Transdisciplinary Understanding and Training on Research – Primary Health Care)

This call for applications for TUTOR-PHC is open to graduate students, post-doctoral fellows, mid-career clinicians, and decision makers in primary health care.

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