As one of its three pillars, the CPA supports and promotes excellence and innovation in the education and training of psychology in Canada. It does this through:

  • supporting and promoting education and training in psychology throughout all stages of university study
  • identifying issues impacting teachers and students of psychology and advocating for solutions
  • post-degree and post-licensure continuing education needs of researchers and practitioners in psychology
  • development of accreditation standards and guidelines for training in psychology, particularly procedures for doctoral and internship programmes in professional psychology
  • pre- and post-graduate skills and competencies that will equip psychologists to carry out their roles as evidence-informed scientists, educators, and/or practitioners
  • recognition of the contributions of teachers, trainers, and students of psychology
  • liaising with the Chairs of Departments of Psychology in Canada
  • education of the public and other stakeholders on psychological topics

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Making the Transition to Online Teaching and Learning: A Guide for Instructors

August 2020

In response to requests from psychology educators, The CPA’s Education Directorate has developed a brief guide to taking university instruction in psychology online. The guide has a brief overview of the processes involved in student learning, as well as helpful tips to increase student engagement, and provides a framework for course planning and development along with templates for course and lesson planning. It contains extensive links to other sources of practical help in making the transition from in-person to online environments. The guide is intended to be a living document, and will be updated as new links and information become available.

Making the Transition to Online Teaching and Learning: A Guide for Instructors