CPA Committees and Task Forces

The CPA relies heavily on the work of and volunteers who serve on its various committees and task forces, as well as the external representatives who sit on CPA’s Board. 

At present, there are 18 committees, two task forces (see links to the right) and two external Board representatives.

You will find information on each of our committees in this area of our site. If you would like to contact a committee for any reason, please contact for more information.

Board Committees:

Management Committees:

Arms Length Committees:

Working Groups:

  • Equity, DIversity & Identification Working Groups

External Partner Representation:

Get Involved in a CPA Committee or Task Force

CPA as an association is its members and the wealth of expertise, skill and knowledge they possess and share.

Consider lending your time and expertise to a CPA activity; run for election to the Board of Directors, join the executive of a CPA Section, or volunteer to sit on a Board task force or Committee. This work brings tremendous opportunity to make a contribution to organized psychology in Canada and to the impact the science and practice of psychology has on public policy. 

For more information on the wealth of opportunities within CPA, contact the executive office at