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2024 Convention Job Fair: June 21st, 2024
2 – 4 pm EST

This event is free and exclusive to individuals registered to attend the CPA’s Annual National Convention.

More information and the link to register visit the CPA Convention Job Fair page.




Career Videos: Pathways Series

The CPA is pleased to present three videos discussing possible career paths in Psychology, collectively referred to as the Pathways series. Hosted by Dr. Saeid Chavoshi from York University, and delivered through a partnership with the CPA, these videos are fast-paced and informative. They provide a range of perspectives on graduate studies and career paths for students undertaking studies in Psychology.

Part One: Clinical Pathways: Exploring your Career Options in the Mental Health Professions

Originally presented March 11, 2022, this video explores different career options after completing an undergraduate degree in the mental health field. Panelists discuss the education and licensing pathways toward each healthcare profession across Canada, hear the journeys of practicing mental health professionals, and from their experience learn how to become an outstanding applicant. Panel members include Clinical Psychologists, Registered Psychotherapists, and Occupational Therapist.

Part Two: Different Roads to Becoming a Clinical Psychologist

The second instalment of the Pathways series, originally presented April 22, 2022, discusses the different pathways and specializations in graduate clinical psychology. These include Forensic Psychology, Neuropsychology, Health Psychology, Child/Adult Clinical Psychology, and Counselling Psychology. The video also explores pathways to the PsyD and how to be a successful applicant. Panelists include representatives from these areas and in this video they relay their experiences of study and work in their fields of Psychology.

Part Three: Research Pathways: From Psychology Research Graduate Degree to Industry – Taking the Leap to a Fulfilling Career Outside of Academia

In this session, originally presented May 24, 2022, a panel of professionals and executives discusses how they leveraged their graduate studies and PhD in experimental psychology to career paths in various industries. These include data science, user experience design, strategy and consulting, marketing, and government policy work.

(Please note that due to a technical error, the first section of the presentation is missing – efforts are being made to re-interview the missing panelists.)

Webinar Recording: Career Path Navigation: How to Become a School Psychologist. Tips and Tricks from those in the Profession

A panel of graduate students and school psychology practitioners and academics provide valuable information on a variety of exciting careers in school psychology, the academic path and requirements, and the promising job prospects in this field.




The Canadian Handbook for Psychological ScienceThe Canadian Handbook for Psychological Science
The Canadian Handbook for Careers in Psychological Science is a guide for psychology students featuring practical advice for the job-seeking student, such as the best way to construct an email, leave a voicemail, or ask for a letter of reference. The book also contains a lot of information about the possible career paths open to those with a background in psychology. There is a list in the first chapter of all the skills upon which employers are currently placing a premium. They include skills related to leadership, teamwork, communication (written and oral), problem-solving, work ethic, initiative, adaptability, and analytic and technical skills. This handbook is a useful roadmap for all students considering Psychology as a vocation.