Publications & Resources

Publications & Resources

The CPA is pleased to make a number of publications and resources available to its members and affiliates, as well as members of the public.

CPA Journals

The CPA has a distinguished history of publishing dating back to 1940 when The Bulletin of C.P.A., edited by Donald O. Hebb, first appeared.

The CPA is pleased to partner with the American Psychological Association to publish the following three peer reviewed scientific journals:

  • Canadian Psychology (CP)
  • Canadian Journal of Behavioural Science (CJBS)
  • Canadian Journal of Experimental Psychology (CJEP)

CP and CJBS are published quarterly in January, April, July, and October. CJEP is published quarterly, beginning in March, in collaboration with the Canadian Society for Brain, Behaviour and Cognitive Science (CSBBCS).

Click here to learn more about each journal, our journal permission and submission procedures, and to sign up for e-alerts that will notify you about the release of each issue of any of the CPA’s journals.


Psynopsis is Canada’s Psychology Magazine. Each of its quarterly issues focuses on a particular area of psychological research and/or practice with relevance, not only to the discipline and profession, but also to the range of stakeholders who may rely on or benefit from the work of Canada’s psychologists.

Psychology Works Fact Sheets

Psychology Works Fact Sheets are designed to give you information that you can trust; each fact sheet presents easy-to-read information on various psychological issues and related topics, and also highlights the role of psychologists in assisting with that particular topic.

Publications & Reports

See the list of publications that are available for download at no-cost, along with documents that are available for purchase, including our most popular Companion Manual to the Canadian Code of Ethics for Psychologists (2017).

APA PsycNet® Gold

Through a partnership with the APA, the CPA is pleased to provide access to the APA PsycNet® Gold package through special member subscriptions. The APA PsycNET® GOLD package databases include:

  • APA PsycInfo® – The world’s largest resource for the discovery of abstracts and citations from behavioral science research
  • APA PsycArticles® – Over a century of full-text articles from journals published by APA, the Canadian Psychological Association, and select English-language titles from the Hogrefe Publishing Group
  • APA PsycBooks® – Access to every chapter from the most recent scholarly and professional titles published by APA, with a deep backfile of previous releases, out-of-print books, classic and historic works
  • APA PsycTests® – A practical solution for the discovery and use of psychological measures, scales, and instrumentation tools
  • APA PsycExtra® – Extended coverage of gray literature including technical reports, conference papers, patient materials, and other hard-to-find documents


MindPad is Canada’s student written, edited and published psychology newsletter. Its aims are to:

  1. provide a professional newsletter that is written and reviewed by students of psychology who are affiliates of the Canadian Psychological Association. The content of the newsletter should be of interest to all who are practicing and studying psychology, but the primary audience of the newsletter are students of psychology.
  2. offer studying psychology researchers and writers an opportunity to experience a formal submission process, including submission, review, and resubmission from the points of view of both submitter and reviewer/editor.

R2P2 (Recruit Research Participants Portal)

R2P2 is a CPA-member-only portal developed to allow CPA members to post requests for other CPA members to serve as participants in their research studies.