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Web-Based Continuing Education Courses

As part of the promotion of education and training for psychologists in Canada as a component of the CPA’s Education pillar, the Canadian Psychological Association (CPA) is pleased to offer web-based continuing professional development opportunities for psychologists that also may be of interest to students of psychology, to members of other disciplines, and to the public.

Ongoing professional development is important for psychologists in all fields of the discipline. For registered psychologists, ongoing professional development on an annual basis, is in fact a requirement of registration with the number of hours required varying by province. These courses complement CPA’s other knowledge-transfer activities, such as its three journalsannual convention, and publications program.

These courses are primarily delivered by Canadian psychologists who have extensive experience and knowledge of psychological science and practice from a uniquely Canadian perspective. All courses are reviewed and approved using strict content and instructional criteria. Certificates for each program are available to download or print upon successful completion of required quizzes at the end of each program. New programs are added on an ongoing basis.

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The CPA, in conjunction with VocalMeet and Captus Press offer 34 web-based courses.

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In partnership with the APA, the CPA currently offers over 160 web-based courses with more content rolling out monthly.

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Over 50 clinics, institutes, societies, associations and individuals have received approval from CPA’s Continuing Education Sponsor Review Committee to be sponsors of continuing education activities.

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The CPA, in collaboration with ASADIS, offers more than a hundred online courses.

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The CPA’s web-based courses are hosted by  and , and presented in collaboration with Captus Press and Vocalmeet and presented in collaboration with ASADIS.

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ASADIS courses can be accessed via their Homepage.

Quantitative Methods Catalogue

The CPA is pleased to offer non-credit continuing education content in quantitative methods, providing instruction by Canadian academics in statistical manipulation and in the use of specific statistics packages such as ‘R’.  Coming soon

The CPA actively supports knowledge exchange and life-long learning through our continuing education approval programme and by offering educational opportunities tailored to the needs of psychologists across the country. These opportunities include:

  • Online professional development workshops
  • Half-day or full-day pre-convention workshops
  • Professional development workshops offering during convention
  • Sponsored workshops
  • Half or one-day seminars

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Continuing Professional Development News

Continuing Professional Development – Update your Bookmarks!

We have made some significant changes in our Continuing Professional Development pages, which has made some old links out of date.

In order to ensure that you do not miss any of the CPA’s growing list of educational opportunities, be sure to update your bookmarks:

The CPA/APA Course Bank: Updated Monthly

Vocalmeet: Home of high-quality Canadian CE courses

Captus Press: Home of the CPA’s most popular course, “Being an Ethical Psychologist”, with Dr. Carole Sinclair

Briefing Paper: Artificial Intelligence and Psychology

Contributors: Adam Sandford, Bryce Mulligan, Eleanor Gittens, Meghan Norris, Myra Fernandes

Artificial Intelligence and its various uses have been the subject of much speculation in the media and in universities. This Briefing Paper provides a preliminary overview of the topic and makes recommendations for action by the CPA.

Artificial Intelligence and Psychology EN 2024.pdf

Indigenous Awareness Canada Courses

The CPA has partnered with Indigenous Awareness Canada to provide valuable Indigenous education content at a significant discount to CPA members. These courses are designed to help you and your organization, build positive, respectful, and effective relationships with Indigenous people in Canada.

The courses are available individually, or in packages. Please note that to do any of the 300-level courses, you must first complete Course 201. You will not receive a certificate upon completion of the level 101 course, only for courses at the 201 level and above. These courses do not carry CPA CE credits.

The five available workshops are:

101 Indigenous Awareness Introduction
The Indigenous Awareness Introduction course is a stand-alone highly abridged version of the widely-recognized Certification course. It takes about 60-90 minutes to complete.

201 Indigenous Awareness Certification
The Indigenous Awareness Certification course is the most popular starting point. This comprehensive and information-rich course offers important foundational knowledge, background, and context.  It takes about 4-8 hours to complete.

301 Indigenous Peoples and Cultures
The Indigenous Peoples and Cultures course builds from the foundation-level Certification course and continues to develop the ideas, issues, awareness, and context. It takes about 2-5 hours to complete.

311 Indigenous Communication & Consultation
The Indigenous Communication & Consultation course builds from the foundation-level Certification course with special focus on engagement and interaction. It takes about 2-5 hours to complete.

321 Indigenous Employment Outreach, Recruit, and Retain
The Indigenous Employment Outreach, Recruit, and Retain course builds from the foundation-level Certification course with special focus on company culture and employment considerations.

The cost is normally $128 per course. The coupon codes for CPA members are:

  • CPA60– will take $68 OFF any single course for the 201, 301, 311, and 321, reducing the price from $128 to $60.
  • CPA771– will take $148 OFF the 3-course “771 Bundle” that includes 201, 301, and 311, reducing the price from $238 to $90.

Visit for course descriptions and to register.

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Notice to psychologists registered in Quebec: The continuing education (CE) hours approved for CPA’s online courses (other than the course on Starting and Operating an Independent Professional Practice) will be recognized by the OPQ for CE in psychotherapy. The OPQ has confirmed for us that because the internet server which hosts our online CE courses is located outside of Quebec, prior approval is not required from the OPQ. In order to claim CE hours for an online course, participants should ensure that they keep a record of proof of their participation (i.e., receipt of payment and certificate of completion).