CPA Sections

The CPA actively encourages groups of psychologists with common interests to share those interests within the context of CPA’s objectives. Such groups, termed Sections, may be formed from time to time and certainly change and disappear from time to time as well.

Sections have official status under the By-Laws of the Association (see CPA by-Laws, By-Law VII – Sections, here). They are the primary agents through which the particular and special needs of members are met and interests served, and have the power to:

  • Initiate and undertake activities of relevance to its members.
  • Draft position papers on topics of relevance to the Section.
  • Initiate policy statements in areas of expertise.
  • Organize meetings within CPA’s annual convention.
  • Make specific representation to external agencies or organizations, if it has received the approval of the Board of Directors to do so.
  • Recommend that CPA make specific representations to external organizations or agencies.

Meet CPA’s Sections

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Section Members System

Log into your CPA Member account and get access to content and utilities for Sections that you’ve joined. Section Chairs can also Manage all of your Section’s administrative tasks via CPA’s Section Management System.

Once you’ve logged in, just scroll down the screen until you get to “Spaces”. The Spaces area identifies which Sections you are a member of. Clicking on the Section name will allow you to see Messages sent and Links posted. More features will be added over time.

Joining a Section

You can enroll in a CPA Section online, in several ways:

  • when completing the online Membership Renewal application
  • when completing the New Membership application form
  • as a paid CPA Member/Affiliate, you can click on Membership Profilein the Members Only Area to enroll in a section at any time.

Please contact the CPA Member Service Centre at or by telephone 613-237-2144 (Toll Free 1-888-472-0657) ext. 324 if you need any assistance.

Editing public Section web pages

To make changes to your Section web pages (linked from the CPA Sections page), the Section Chair or assigned Web Editor can contact the Webmaster at to make changes for you.