Unpacking the prospective relation between self-injury and suicide capability in adolescents (PRISM)

Title: Unpacking the prospective relation between self-injury and suicide capability in adolescents (PRISM)

Description: The purpose of the study is to understand suicide risk among adolescents. The study involves three parts. The first part involves completing questionnaires, an interview, and a computer task. During the computer tasks, participants will view and rate a series of images. Part two of the study involves completing 4 surveys a day for 21 days on a smartphone. The final part of the study involves completing two online follow-up questionnaires. These questionnaires would be administered 1 and 2 months after the first session of the study. We hope that our findings improve the detection of youth at imminent risk for suicide and guide the identification of viable targets for interventions that hold the promise of de-escalating moments of acute crisis.

Study Population:
We are recruiting 13-19 year olds in Canada who had suicidal thoughts in the past 3 months. Participants must provide an emergency contact. For participants below 15, they must also have a parent/guardian willing to provide informed consent.

Participant Obligation:
-Attend a baseline session involving an interview, a computer task, and questionnaires (1.5-2 hours)
-Completing 4 prompts a day for 21 days on their Smartphone
-Complete follow up survey 1 and 2 month after baseline session (20 minutes)

How to participate:
Please contact Ashley Filion at querby@queensu.ca with the subject line “PRISM” to indicate your interest. Email is the preferred method of contact. However, you can also contact the lab at 613-533-2592 and ask for Ashley Filion. If no one picks up when you call, please leave a message mentioning the “PRISM” study and let us know how we can reach you to follow up.

Location: Online-Kingston -There is also an option to participate in person in Kingston, Ontario

Project lead: Jeremy Stewart

Study Dates: April 10, 2024 to September 1, 2025