Psychologists and Retirement Section

Psychologists and Retirement Section

Co-Chairs: Dawn Hanson & Juanita Mureika

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CPA Section of Psychologists and Retirement By-Laws (June 2014)


Mission Statement:

The Section of Psychologists and Retirement will provide a forum for psychologists who are currently retired from their professional employment in the field of psychology and/ or those who are interested in the area of retirement as a life stage, to discuss the impact of retirement on post-work quality of life and the opportunities it affords those who are open to change. Towards that end, the Section will:

  1. Provide a social support network for retired psychologists within CPA
  2. Provide information to members about planning for retirement, and what one needs to know to prepare for the next stage of life
  3. Determine ways to maintain connections to the discipline of psychology while not actively practicing in it
  4. Research the literature and possibly publish articles in the area of seniors and retirement
  5. Explore issues impacting seniors, such as downsizing, living arrangements, health and caregiver issues, use of leisure time
  6. Discuss the value of, and ways to become involved in, volunteerism in the community
  7. Represent the interests of the Section within CPA through initiating such activities as position papers, guidelines, policy statements, and special meetings
  8. Organize sessions at the CPA Convention that are of interest to members