Social and Personality Section Pre-Conference 2023

The Social & Personality section will be hosting a pre-conference on Thurs. June 22, 2023, from 9:00 am – 5:10 pm at the Sheraton Centre Toronto in room Sheraton Hall C (day before the main convention begins). The day will consist of invited speakers and data blitz presentations. I am excited to announce that we have six confirmed invited speakers:

Dr. Felix Cheung (University of Toronto)
Dr. Felix Cheung
University of Toronto

“Psychology is pretty weird”

Dr. Hilary Bergsieker (University of Waterloo)
Dr. Hilary Bergsieker
University of Waterloo

“Reactions to racial discrimination: Contrasting preferred, intended, and received responses”

Dr. Michael Busseri (Brock University)
Dr. Michael Busseri
Brock University

“My life gets better and better! Examining the causes, correlates, and consequences of how individuals view their lives to be unfolding over time”

Dr. Joanne Chung (University of Toronto, Mississauga)
Dr. Joanne Chung
University of Toronto, Mississauga

“Lessons Learned from Conducting Personality Research in Samples of People from Historically Marginalized Communities”

Dr. John Sakaluk (Western University)
Dr. John Sakaluk
Western University

“Strategies for success and survival as a “stats + methods person”: Considerations for students, postdocs, and faculty”

Dr. Johanna Peetz (Carleton University)
Dr. Johanna Peetz
Carleton University

“Self-control for personal spending: What are the best strategies?”

Organizer: Cheryl Harasymchuk (Chair of CPA Soc/Pers section)

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Date Blitz Presenters

Dr. Cindel White
Reminders of God Increase Willingness to Take Risks: A Registered Report
Atara Lonn
Comparing the Effects of Self-Expansion and Playfulness on Basic Needs Satisfaction
Zoe Fargnoli Brown
The Impact of Changing Emotional Expressions on the Own-Race Bias
Logan Neable
The Psychologist with the Dragon Tattoo: The Effect of Gender on Perceptions of Tattooed Mental Health Professionals
Hannah Tran
Attributions of Trustworthiness on Black and White Faces by Black Perceivers
Odin Fisher-Skau
Does Financial Worry Affect Relationship Behaviours?
Kyoungsil Nah and Jennifer McWilliams
Self-Presentation Strategies in Canadian and Korean Online Dating Profiles: A Thematic Analysis
Emily Bissada
Distinguishing Between Emotions in an Intergroup Context: Perceiving Anger, Fear, and Happiness on Black and White Faces
Erin McCoy
The Role of Gender in Friendship Function Fulfillment and Satisfaction in Adulthood: A Quantitative and Qualitative Evaluation
Jessica Trickey
Cultivating an Inclusive Culture Through Allyship Training
Zoe Meloff
One Year on Reddit/rrelationships: A Framework of Financial Conflicts in Relationships
William Van Veen
Assessing Gender in Social Psychology
Courtney Chan
Perceptions of Confronters of Racism
Parker Grant
Framing Matters: The Impact of Opt-Out Choice Framing in Eliminating Gender Differences in Competition
Dr. Kaitlyn Werner
The More the Better? A Polyregulation Approach to Regulating Desires