Welcome to the CPA’s Recruit Research Participants Portal!

What is the Recruit Research Participants Portal (R2P2)?
This CPA-member-only portal has been developed to allow CPA members to post requests for other CPA members to serve as participants in their research studies.

How do you post your project?
Posting requires you to provide a brief description of your project, stating who you are looking to recruit, participant obligation, and duration of data collection.

Are there any conditions to posting a project?
Before descriptions are posted, you must provide CPA with evidence of REB approval, show that at least one member of the research team is a student or full member of CPA and have a psychologist on the research team.

How will CPA members know about your project?
New postings will be announced via CPA’s electronic newsletter, CPA News.

How do I log in to the Portal?
Click here to access the Portal. Note that the portal requires your pre-2015 login credentials. If you do not have these, then please submit by downloading this fillable PDF form and emailing it to Lisa Votta-Bleeker

For more information, click on "Submission Process to the R2P2" on the right side of this page.