Message from CPA’s Chief Executive Officer

Dr. Lisa Votta-Bleeker, CEO

It is with great honour and excitement that I welcome this opportunity to serve as the Chief Executive Officer of the Canadian Psychological Association.

Like many of you, I embarked on a career in psychology in appreciation of its significant breadth and depth, and to make a positive difference in people’s lives. Through my work at hospitals, research institutes, and shelters, and involvement in research addressing mental health, population health, end of life decision-making, chronic illness, homelessness, and injury prevention – just to name a few – I recognized the important role that psychological research can play in the delivery of policy, programs, and services. As such, I embarked on a career path that allowed for the intersection of research, policy, and practice, across and within multiple sectors.

Psychology is at the heart of addressing key societal issues and contributing to key advancements. I understand the challenges and opportunities facing psychology as a profession and discipline – from a practice, science, and education perspective – as well as those facing the Association, and our various types of members and affiliates, including those choosing not to join the CPA.

The CPA, as the largest national association for the science, practice, and education of psychology, is strongly positioned to play a leading role in addressing the challenges and opportunities of today and tomorrow, which include but are not limited to:

  • Outreach that helps the public, media, and decision-makers understand psychology’s vast contributions.
  • Advocating for increased research funding and effective ways of knowledge mobilization.
  • Strengthening support for graduate education and both diversifying and increasing the psychology pipeline.
  • Addressing issues related to pan-Canadian licensure, title, professional standards, human health resources, and access to psychological services.
  • Being a voice for truth and reconciliation, as well as equity, diversity, inclusivity and belonging.
  • Member value and engagement.

It is my honour and privilege to work with, and for, the membership to create a strong, diverse, and unified psychology. I believe there are numerous opportunities to strengthen existing relationships, build new relationships and partnerships, and grow the profession and association, all with the goal of influencing change and continuing to show the significant contribution that psychology and psychological research can make to both Canadians’ overall health and well-being and society at large.

Lisa Votta-Bleeker, Ph.D.
Chief Executive Officer
Canadian Psychological Association