Message from CPA’s Chief Executive Officer

Dr. Karen Cohen , CEO

As CPA’s CEO, it is a pleasure to be charged with responsibility for CPA’s activities and operations and for representing CPA at the many tables and coalitions on which we sit. To familiarize yourself with CPA’s many activities, I encourage you to peruse the website, particularly the pull-down menus for the public, practitioners, researchers, students, and education and training. I also encourage you to follow Psynopsis, CPA’s quarterly magazine, available online to any member of the public. In Psynopsis, you will find regular Head Office Updates that summarize the activity and representation that CPA senior staff has undertaken on behalf of the membership in addition to profiling specific issues facing the science and practice of psychology in Canada.

The science and practice of psychology have never been more relevant or top of mind for the Canadian public.  Thought leaders note that the success of a society and its economy depend on the health and well-being of its citizens. I would add that the well-being of its citizens depends upon their psychological health in large measure. Whether trying to improve the productivity and satisfaction of the workforce, understand success and resilience in aging, support healthy development in children, promote health and manage illness, or treat depression you will need to turn to the science and practice of psychology.    

Psychologists – researchers and practitioners alike – have a lot to contribute to public policy and to Canadian society. Through CPA’s membership on a large number of health and research alliances, our representation to government and our work with non-governmental stakeholders, CPA helps take the science and practice of psychology to the Canadian public. If you are a member, thank you. If you are not a member, have a look through our website and let our activity convince you why you should become one.

Karen R. Cohen, Ph.D., C. Psych.
Chief Executive Officer
Canadian Psychological Association