The CPA relies on its Board of Directors to set policy that guides the organization.

CPA’s Board represents all aspects of psychology with representatives from across the country.

We are pleased to introduce you to CPA's current Board of Directors.

Presidential Officers


Dr. Samuel Mikail

Toronto, ON

President-Elect Dr. Ian Nicholson London, ON
Past President Dr. Patrick Baillie Calgary, AB
Honorary President Sr. Donna J. Markham OP, PhD, ABPP President & CEO
Catholic Charities USA
Alexandria, VA



Scientist-Practitioner Dr. Kimberly Corace Ottawa, ON 
Scientific Dr. Douglas Mewhort Kingston, ON
Practitioner Ms. Carmen Bellows Edmonton, AB
Director-at-Large Dr. Fern Stockdale Winder Saskatoon, SK
Director-at-Large - Francophone Representative Dr. David Bourgeois Halifax, NS
Director-at-Large - Masters Representative Ms. Milena Meneghetti Calgary, AB
Student Section Representative Ms. Chelsea Moran Montreal, QC
CCDP Representative
Dr. Valerie Thompson
Saskatoon, SK
CCPPP Representative Dr. Kerri Ritchie Ottawa, ON
CPAP Representative Dr. Judi Malone St. Paul, AB
CSBBCS Representative Dr. Jo-Anne LeFevre Ottawa, ON


CPA Executive Officers

Chief Executive Officer Dr. Karen R. Cohen Ottawa, ON
Deputy Chief Executive Officer Dr. Lisa Votta-Bleeker Ottawa, ON

Should you need to contact any of the CPA’s Board of Directors, please contact the CPA at