Saba Safdar (Chair),

John Berry (CPA Canadian delegate to the IUPsyS General Assembly)

Lindsay McCunn (Member-at-Large)

Stryker Calvez (Member-at-Large)

Thomas Teo (Member-at-Large)

Chris Hinbest (Student Member)

Karen Cohen (The CPA Chief Executive Officer/Observer)

Jennifer Veitch (Chair of the CPA International Relations Committee)

Jean Saint-Aubin (Chair of the CPA Scientific Affairs Committee)


* Terms of Reference :  Canadian National Panel for the International Union of Psychological Science: A Body under the CPA International Relations Committee

Add: The new Terms of Reference for CNP/IUPsyS were approved by the CPA Board (in 2020) in support of Canada’s affiliation with the IUPsyS.

* website :