Council of Sections / Conseil des sections

2023 – 2024 Council / Conseil

Chair / Présidente

Amir Sepehry (Board Liaison)

Members / Membres

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The Committee on Section is a standing Committee of the Board of Directors of the Canadian Psychological Association.

By-Law Section 8 – SECTIONS

8.01.  Purpose

Sections are the primary agents through which the particular and special needs of members are met and interests are served. Those matters pertaining to the discipline of psychology as a whole are the responsibility of the Board of Directors of the Association.

8.02.  Formation

Approval to establish a Section within the Association may be granted by the Board of Directors when a group of at least 25 Fellows and Members of the Association submit a petition which includes a statement of purpose and goals of the proposed Section.

8.03.  Dissolution

A Section of the Association may be dissolved by the Board of Directors when the Section votes to request dissolution or when the number of Fellows and Members of the Section falls below 25 Fellows and Members. In the event that the membership

of the Section falls below 25 Fellows and Members, the section may submit a petition to the Board of Directors to stay dissolution for one year to enable the Section to re-establish the necessary number of Fellows and Members. If the Section is unable to achieve the required level within one year the Section shall be dissolved.

8.04.  Organization

Within twelve months of obtaining approval to establish a Section, the Section shall pass By-Laws in conformity with such Model By-Laws as may from time to time be approved by the Board of Directors of the Canadian Psychological Association and the Section By-Laws will take effect upon approval by the Board. The Section By-Laws will regulate among other things, the following:

  • the admission of persons to the Section and the qualification for and the conditions of membership;
  • the Section fees and dues of members;
  • the suspension and termination of membership from the Section and by  the member;
  • the time for and the manner of election of directors of the Section;
  • the election or appointment, functions, duties and removal of officers;
  • the time and place and the notice to be given for the holding of meetings  of members, the quorum at meetings; and
  • the conduct in all particulars of the Section.

8.05      Regulation of Section Affairs

A Section may engage in activities and adopt rules, regulations and policies for the management of its affairs which are not inconsistent with the articles, by-laws or Operating Regulations of the Corporation. However, nothing herein shall be construed as giving to a Section, the power and authority to:
  • contract a loan, open a line of credit or issue a guarantee without the prior approval of the board of directors;
  • make any expense or disbursement, or incur any contractual liability which is in excess of the amounts approved by the board of directors from time to time;
  • represent or act on behalf of the Corporation in any manner or thing, except with the express consent of the board of directors of the Corporation.

8.06.  Dues and Fee Invoicing

Sections shall establish annual dues and may establish membership fees which will be collected by the Central Office. Sections shall have the authority to solicit donations from their members for specific identified purposes.

8.07.  Reports

Annually, at least four weeks before the Annual Meeting of the Association, the Secretary of each Section shall submit an Annual Report, which includes a financial statement to the Board of Directors of the Association. The financial statement shall include a budget for the ensuing year which shall be subject to approval by the Board of Directors.

8.08.  Committee on Sections

Each Section shall elect or appoint a representative to sit on the Committee on Sections of the Association and shall regulate through the Section By-Law the method of appointment or election and the terms of office.

8.09.  Powers

A Section shall have the power to initiate and undertake activities of relevance to its members, to draft position papers on topics of relevance to the Section, to initiate policy statements in areas of expertise and to organize meetings within CPA. A Section may make specific representation to external organizations or agencies only if it has received the approval of the Board of Directors to do so, or it may recommend that CPA make such representation.

8.10.  Access

A Section shall have access to the Board of Directors through the Chair of the Committee on Sections for consideration of issues of concern to the Section involving matters relevant to the relationship of the Section to the Association as a whole or component parts thereof, or concerning agencies or activities external to the Association.