CPA By-laws

Canada brought into force a new Not-for-profit Corporations Act (NFP Act) in October of 2011. All not-for-profit corporations have until October of 2014 to transition to this new act – this transition requirement affects CPA which is a registered not-for-profit corporation. The transition process required that we replace the association’s letters patent with a Certificate and Articles of Continuance and create a set of by-laws that comply with the new Act.

The CPA Board and senior officers worked with our legal counsel to develop a set of by-laws that will meet the requirements of the new Act. The new by-laws were approved by the membership at the 2013 Annual General Meeting. You will note that the by-laws are more succinct than the old version. The content in the old by-laws will not be lost but will now form part of the Operating Regulations developed and approved by the CPA Board.

CPA By-Laws (PDF) – October, 2018