2022 Student Section: Emma Laflamme

Statement of Intent
I am applying as Chair-Elect for a three-year term on the CPA Student Section Executive. I would like to hold this position as I am very passionate about coordinating scientific events. Furthermore, my involvement as a Chair-Elect would allow me to contribute to the advancement of knowledge in ways other than my direct participation in scientific communications. It would also be a great opportunity to connect with different psychology students across Canada. Since September 2020, I am the coordinator of the research activities of the Parenfant laboratory directed by Dr. Célia Matte-Gagné at Laval University. This work involves coordinating and planning the collection of longitudinal data. In addition, I supervise and train about 20 research assistants. My work as a coordinator requires me to develop skills in planning, developing, and implementing projects. In addition, I manage an effective team by setting priorities and meeting deadlines. My work highlights my leadership, planning and coordination skills, which are important qualities for a future Chair-Elect. I was also the coordinator of the Psycolloque 2021, a two-day event bringing together all the students from the psychology programs of the universities of Quebec and New Brunswick for a scientific congress. Organizing the event involved coordinating the conferences, managing the budget, dealing with various companies, negotiating prices, ensuring travel logistics, communicating with universities, ensuring security, etc. Thus, I had to find professionals in psychology interested in coming to speak about their field, manage the remuneration, establish the schedule of the conferences, and ensure the smooth running of the event. The coordination of the conferences gave me useful knowledge in the organization of scientific conferences.
Emma Laflamme is a first-year doctoral student in psychology, research and intervention (Ph.D.) at Laval University and aspire to an academic career. She is currently the coordinator of the research activities of the <em>Parenfant </em>laboratory directed by Dr. Célia Matte-Gagné. From 2018-2021, she completed a bachelor's degree in psychology through an honors pathway titled "Research and Intervention," a highly contingent one-year concentration that provides hands-on experiences related to conducting a research project. Wishing to become a researcher-clinician specializing in children, it is essential for her to continue her research on the factors that promote child development. Her ongoing Ph.D’s thesis seeks to examine the prospective associations between paternal autonomy support and several indicators of child social-emotional and cognitive development at preschool age. Her interest in the role of fathers and child development stems from her curiosity about areas that are not well documented. Indeed, although fathers are more present, developmental research rarely considers them. Her interest in working in this field stems, among other things, from her experience in a residential setting with abused mothers and children when she was a follow-up intervenor at the <em>Maison du cœur pour femmes</em>. As part of her research work, Emma has developed an expertise in the observation of various parenting behaviors involving mind-mindedness, autonomy support and child’s attachment. Her motivation in research is evidenced by her numerous scientific achievements and thus her involvement in the dissemination of knowledge at the provincial and international level. Emma is also a teaching assistant for the Psychology of the Family course offered at the undergraduate level at Laval University. In addition, she was a research assistant for the <em>Centre de recherche universitaire sur les jeunes et les familles </em>(CRUJeF) where she is currently a student researcher. Outside of academics, Emma is passionate about fitness, painting and traveling.