2022 Student Section: Nicole Lento

Statement of Intent
Please accept my application for the role of Undergraduate Student Affairs Executive for the Canadian Psychological Association’s Student Section. I would like to apply to this position because I am interested in becoming more active in the psychological community. I see all that the psychological community has to offer and wish to promote such positive experiences to others. Furthermore, based on my academic experience, I recognize the importance of a mentor and advisor. I would be honoured to provide undergraduate students with support and motivation. I also think this position would provide me with great experience, as well as allow me to practice my communication and leadership skills. With that being said, I possess many qualities that make me an excellent match for the role. I am dedicated, responsible, professional, and reasonable. Throughout my experience of coaching competitive gymnastics, I have gained valuable co-operation skills and interpersonal skills with individuals of all ages. Coaching has also pushed me to enhance my problem-solving skills. Moreover, through my role of office manager, I have attained excellent organization skills that will make me efficient at performing my duties. Lastly, I am a first-year master’s student who has recently been an undergraduate student. This allows me to closely connect with undergraduate needs. Thank you for taking the time to consider my application.
I have received my Specialized Honours B.A. in psychology and am currently in my first year of master’s in clinical psychology. In terms of academic activities, I have previously held a research assistant position, and hope to do more research assistant jobs in the near future. I have joined the Faculty of Arts council and became an NCR pediatric psychology representative. I also hold a graduate teaching assistantship. Moreover, I intend to publish my papers and attend conferences. A major passion of mine is coaching gymnastics. Once I moved for graduate school, I quit coaching. I intend on re-pursuing coaching again, but until then, it will continue to drive my career. Through my long-time experience coaching children, I acquired an interest in child psychology, specifically parenting/teaching styles. Since I spent 14 hours a week with my athletes, I played a major role in shaping their development as not only gymnasts, but as human beings too. In my position, I have helped resolve children’s issues relating to fear, confidence, depression, and family problems. I found myself constantly wondering why a child behaves the way they do and formed the impression that parenting styles play a significant role. As a young adult with no children of my own, I obviously cannot judge the tough decisions, desire to protect, and unconditional love it takes to raise a child- but I can research it! My goal is to become a Child Clinical Psychologist. My love for children motivates me to treat children with mental health issues. Moreover, I aim to educate parents and teachers on methods of caring for children that promote future success.