2023 Student Section: Malika Desrosiers

Statement of Intent
Hello, my name is Malika Desrosiers and I am applying for the position of Francophone Affairs Executive. I would like to take on this role because the cause of the French language is very important to me within the psychological community. A lot of the writings and research that we rely on to develop our theories in psychology are mainly in English and I would like to find ways to translate and have our own terms to describe current topics of debate. We notice the personality of an individual among other things by the language they use, thus making psychological terms accessible to the Francophone community allows a better expression of the concerns and important psychological debates to address. I am convinced that I know how to use French and English well to allow access to the right terms for those who want to do relevant research in the field and those who want to have a concrete impact on their patient in the language that best represents them. My in-depth knowledge of French and English allows me to be clear and eloquent in both languages, as well as to understand the nuances of one term used over another. I am also a very patient person who takes the time to fully understand a situation before acting and who will first take into account the human factor to ensure that everyone is accommodated and comfortable in the circumstances.
I am currently in my last year in the bachelor's degree in psychology at UQAM and I aspire to continue my studies afterwards in either a short graduate or doctoral program. During my schooling, I was involved in several extracurricular activities such as theatrical improvisation activity and a theatre troupe. I was also part of the program committee of my student association which aimed to connect professors and students on different topics. In addition, I was part of the welcoming committee for new students who took care of the integration of new students into the social life of the psychology program through special events. These activities helped me understand how a university program works, the importance of communication between the parts of an organization, and how to integrate as many people as possible while maintaining the importance of the individual in the balance of decision. Improvisation and theatre have helped me develop my creativity and communication skills, in addition to improving my teamwork skills. I am also involved in a research laboratory at UQAM where we conduct studies on relational aggression. Involvement in a laboratory makes me understand the functioning and logistics of a research group, the role of each of its members as well as the functioning and process of a research with all these steps. It is also in this type of context that I realize the significant presence of English texts and terms that are used even though our research is with a Francophone community.