2023 Student Section: Thomas Boivin

Statement of Intent
Hello, my name is Thomas Boivin and I am a psychology student at the University of Ottawa. I am currently in my third year in the Honours BA in psychology program, in the French program. I am applying for the position of Francophone Affairs Executive at the Canadian Psychological Association. You should know that I am a student with great ambitions in psychology. I wish to make psychology my career. The position of Francophone Affairs Executive would be a great accomplishment for me. I love helping people and advocating for great causes in this field. I want to get involved as much as possible and develop new interpersonal skills that are very useful in this discipline. I consider myself an extremely hard-working person. Those who know me know that I always invest myself fully in what is close to my heart. My experience in management has taught me how important listening is. If we do not listen to the people around us, we cannot help them as we should. In addition, I have great confidence in my abilities and those of others, as well as a good spirit that I try to transmit to others. Teamwork is something I excel at. My management experience has also taught me to stay in control and be creative when problems come my way. I am not the type to give up and I consider it easy to find and propose solutions. I also consider myself to be a good communicator who is very capable of developing his ideas. In short, this position would allow me to make a difference with the Francophone student population in psychology, of which I am a part.
Hi, my name is Thomas Boivin and I am a 3rd year psychology student at the University of Ottawa. I am currently enrolled in the BA psychology program, and I am taking all my courses in French. I am a proud French-speaking Canadian, from Gatineau, Québec. This year, I am enrolled in an undergraduate research program, in which I study perfectionism and excellence from a motivational point of view. I also take as much psychology courses as possible because I enjoy learning more than anything. I am truly passionate about psychology, and I intend to a do a PhD in experimental psychology. I would like to be a psychology researcher, as well as a teacher of the psychological science. I want to bring something of value in psychology research, and I want to help people better understand human behaviour. Studying psychology is wonderful because there is so much to learn about us humans. For this reason, I spend a lot of time reading books, courses manuals, and scientific articles to increase my knowledge. I also enjoy writing as it is an important skill to master. I have many interests in psychology. First, I am very passionate about motivation and perfectionism. Motivation is a rich subject in which we come to understand what gives energy to our actions. Perfectionism is a personality dimension with many detrimental consequences for people’s mental health, and it deserves more attention. I am also passionate about sport psychology, being a passionate sport fan and a recreational athlete myself. I want to learn more about what are the best conditions for optimal performance. Most importantly, I am someone who likes to be around people. I like learning from people, and I like to say that social interactions are one of the many things I am thankful for.