Site Visitor Workshops

Become a CPA Site Visitor

Site visitors serve an invaluable role in the accreditation process, acting as the "eyes and ears" for the Panel.  As a result, it is important to the Panel, and to its accredited programmes, that all site visitors are well prepared to fulfill this important role.  The Panel seeks individuals to act as site visitors who possess characteristics such as:

  • dependability, keen organizational skills, promptness (e.g., preparing for the site visit by reviewing all self-study materials, ensuring travel arrangements, attending and organizing site visit activities and meetings, meeting deadlines for report submission)
  • ability to represent the Accreditation Panel and uphold the Accreditation Standards and Procedures – whether or not these reflect the visitor’s own beliefs and philosophies of training
  • ability to collect factual data objectively and thoroughly
  • good interpersonal skills

In order to act as a site visitor, the following requirements must also be met: 

  • hold membership in CPA and other psychological associations
  • are currently, or have recently been, a faculty/staff member, or affiliate in some official capacity, of a doctoral or internship programme
  • are knowledgeable about professional and scientific issues in psychology
  • hold licensure/certification, where appropriate
  • are active in their academic/professional careers
  • possess a doctoral degree and have completed a doctoral-level internship at accredited programmes or their equivalents

Especially needed are individuals with a background in counselling or school psychology, as well as those affiliated with a doctoral programme, and those who can conduct a site visit in French.

Attendance at a site visitor workshop is the first step to becoming a site visitor.  Please contact the Registrar at for more information on upcoming site visitor training workshops. 

Upcoming Site Visitor Workshops

A French site visitor workshop is currently being planned for early Fall/2016. If you are interested, please contact the Accreditation Office at!

Please contact the CPA Accreditation Office at to sign up for a workshop, or to request a workshop in your area.