Canadian Psychological Association stands in solidarity with Ukraine

The Canadian Psychological Association (CPA) is the national home for Canada’s researchers, educators and practitioners in psychology. It is an organization and profession that respects the dignity of persons and peoples among its core principles. The military invasion of Ukraine contravenes the values of all people of conscience. Military aggression, and its threats to human life and well being, have no place in a civilized society. The CPA’s Code of Ethics for psychologists prohibits psychologists from any research or activity that contravenes international humanitarian law, such as the development of methods intended for use in the torture, punishment or degrading treatment of persons, destruction of the environment, or activities that violate human rights.

The CPA joins its international partners on the Global Psychology Alliance in supporting the National Psychological Association of Ukraine, and the people of Ukraine, in decrying this act of aggression. Military aggression brings no benefit to humanity but exacts tremendous human costs. These costs are immediate in the loss of life, and long term in the psychological, social, economic, and environmental impacts on people, families and societies. This is an action in which nobody wins. The CPA stands in solidarity with Ukraine, and all people of conscience, who are committed to living in peace, with respect for the dignity of all the world’s peoples.