Introduction To Dialectical Behaviour Therapy #147

September 11 – December 11, 2023

Integrating EMDR Into Your Clinical Practice: 5-Day Intensive Training
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The DBT Centre of Vancouver (DBTCV) is pleased to offer a 12-week (36 hours) course to mental health professionals seeking to learn about Dialectical Behaviour Therapy (DBT). The most widely researched treatment for problems characteristic of borderline personality disorder (BPD), DBT is a comprehensive psychological treatment that assists persons struggling with complex problems, including recurrent suicidality, self-harm, and problems with emotion regulation.

This course, offered as part of an ongoing consultation and training program at the DBTCV, covers many aspects of DBT including individual therapy, DBT skills training, telephone consultation, and consultation teams. The teaching methods include didactics, demonstration/practice, audio and video review, and worksheets. Participants will be assigned weekly readings and between-class activities.


• Research on BPD & DBT
• Dialectical Theory and Strategies
• Commitment Strategies
• Suicidal Risk Assessment and Intervention
• Chain Analysis and Problem-Solving
• Using Reciprocity and Irreverence
• Managing Telephone Consultation
• Case Management & Consultation Teams
• Applying Change Strategies in DBT: Solution Analysis, Cognitive Modification, Contingency Management, Exposure, & Skills Generalization
• Skills Training in DBT: Mindfulness, Emotional Regulation, Distress Tolerance, & Interpersonal Effectiveness


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