Invitation: 29 April, 14:00 UTC | 16:00 CEST The two psychologies of the pandemic: from ‘fragile rationality’ to ‘collective resilience’

As part of the International Science Council’s ongoing engagement with scholars and contemporary thinkers, this webinar, in partnership with the International Union of Psychological Science will consider how the pandemic is impacting on the psychological sciences.

The webinar will address the following two questions:
1. How have different branches of psychology provided useful insights into thinking about the pandemic and in formulating responses to the pandemic?
2. How has the pandemic impacted on developments within psychology and on the changing relationship of psychology to other disciplines?

The webinar, featuring Stephen Reicher as the Keynote Speaker will be moderated by Craig Calhoun with Rifka Weehuizen, Shahnaaz Suffla and Jay Van Bavel as discussants.

Saths Cooper, Deputy Chair of the ISC Committee on Freedom & Responsibility in Science (CFRS), and Past President of the International Union of Psychological Science will introduce the webinar.

“This timely webinar lays bare some of the stark contradictions that COVID-19 has exposed. Pandemic profiteering, vaccine nationalism and other narrow approaches to our global condition only deepen the chasm, increase insecurity and damage the opportunity to create a better future. Our fractured world needs healing and deeper understanding of the issues that the webinar will cover” Saths Cooper

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