Copyright Permission Requests

Permission Is Required for the Following:

  • Full articles
  • Single text extracts of more than 400 words
  • Series of text extracts that total more than 800 words
  • More than three figures or tables from any one journal article
  • Placement of an abstract of a journal article in a database for subsequent redistribution
  • Reuse of content from the public CPA web site unless there is a copyright notice on that material stating otherwise
  • Content essential to the character of the previously published book or article, when reuse could compromise the sale of the APA publication. Examples include complex illustrations, cartoons, maps, works of art, creative photographs.

This list is illustrative rather than exhaustive.

Permission to use a scale or test

The CPA does not own the rights to any scales or tests, you will need to contact either the author/developer of the scale or the publisher of the scale.

Permission is Not Required for the Following:

No formal requests to CPA are required for the items in this clause.

  • A maximum of three figures or tables from a journal article
  • Single text extracts of less than 400 words
  • Series of text extracts that total less than 800 words

Requirement for Attribution and Credit

The CPA requires that full credit be given to the author(s) for the material(s) reused.

That credit should include the following:
For material republished from journal articles: author, title of article, title of journal, volume number, issue number (if relevant), page range (or first page if this is the only information available), date, CPA as publisher, and “reprinted [or adapted] with permission.”

The following language should be added to the credit line for versions translated from the English: “CPA is not responsible for the accuracy of this translation”.

How to Seek Permission

For permission to use copyrighted material previously published by the Canadian Psychological Association (CPA) (ie. text, tables, or figures) please submit

Copyright Permission Request Form

Permission request fee

Permission fees are $50.00 + applicable taxes. CPA requires full payment in advance of issuing Copyright Permission. We accept Visa and MasterCard payments only.

Questions can be sent to or by calling 613-237-2144, ext. 323; toll free in Canada: 1-888-472-0657 ext. 323.