Step-by-Step Renewal Process

Renew your membership and continue to enjoy exclusive access to all the benefits, services and resources available to you as a member of Canada’s largest and most preeminent organization dedicated to psychologists and psychology.

No matter which benefits you choose to access or opportunities you choose to take advantage of, we are here to support and serve you.

You can renew your membership by completing the following steps:

  1. Login to your Member’s Profile on the following link: Member Site Login
  2. From the Home menu, select Membership Application and Renewal

  1. At the second section of the page “Our Renewal Process consists of the following steps”, click the invoice online link

  1. You can switch to the French form by selecting “French” from the top right corner

  1. Verify the accuracy of the following:
    1. Your membership type
    2. Your contact information
    3. Your preferred language
  2. Go through each of the renewal form pages until you reach the summary page where you see a list of all the items that you selected and their corresponding prices.
  3. Continue through the payment process and, once completed, you will receive a confirmation of renewal email which contains your receipt.


Online Payment Options
Payments can be made with VISA or MasterCard or by sending us a cheque, along with a printed copy of your online form. Please make cheques payable to the Canadian Psychological Association. Cheques can be mailed to:

Canadian Psychological Association
141 Laurier Ave. West, Suite #702
Ottawa, ON, K1P 5J3
Attention: CPA Membership Renewal

If paying by cheque, memberships are not made active until cheques are received and payment received.

If you have issues logging into your profile or renewing your membership,  please contact the CPA Member Services Centre at 613-237-2144 ext. 324 (Toll Free 1-888-472-0657) or via email at

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