Welcome to the Canadian Psychological Association 

Dear New Member/Affiliate,

On behalf of the Board of Directors, Members, and Affiliates, it is my pleasure to welcome you to the Canadian Psychological Association (CPA). Thank you for joining CPA and being a part of advancing the science and practice of the discipline. I trust that you will find your connection with CPA to be rewarding and of benefit to your endeavors.

I encourage you to be an active participant in the many activities of CPA­: Psynopsis Magazine, our Journals, the Annual Convention, the Sections, the Committees, the Board of Directors, and in lobbying and advocacy efforts on behalf of psychology. A review of our website cpa.ca will provide you with an array of the activities, benefits and new directions of the organization.

If there is anything that I or the staff of the Association can do to facilitate your involvement, please get in touch.

Once again, welcome to the Canadian Psychological Association. We are proud of our accomplishments and we are pleased to have you as a colleague.

Yours sincerely,
Kevin Kelloway, Ph.D.


Membership Invoice & Receipt

Your membership invoice or receipt can be found online, at https://secure.cpa.ca/apps/appname/FormEntry/RenewMembership.

Membership Directory

The Membership Directory is a service for members and affiliates allowing you to find and connect with other CPA members. This link can also be used to update your Member Profile information (change your address, email address and telephone number): https://secure.cpa.ca/apps/Pages/my-profile.

Liability, Home & Auto Insurance

CPA Members are eligible for group rates on both Professional Liability Insurance and Home & Auto Insurance.
For details on the BMS Psychology Practitioner Liability Insurance program, visit https://cpa.ca/insurance/business/.
For details on home and auto insurance, visit (https://cpa.ca/insurance/home/).

Membership Benefits and Services

For a complete listing of Membership Benefits and Services, visit https://cpa.ca/membership/.



Sections & Special Interest Groups

The CPA actively encourages groups of psychologists with common interests to share those interests within the context of CPA’s objectives. For a complete listing of CPA’s Sections, visit https://cpa.ca/sections/.



Annual Convention

Since its inception, the CPA’s annual convention has provided an opportunity for the dissemination of scientific knowledge, for the acquisition of skills, and for formal and informal networking. From its beginning the convention has grown to a significant annual event attracting between 1400 to 2000 participants. To learn more about the CPA’s annual convention, visit https://convention.cpa.ca/.


Are you looking for a career or new position in psychology? There are numerous psychology positions and opportunities available across the country. For more information, please visit our website at https://cpa.ca/careers/.


Keep up to date on upcoming events of relevance to all aspects of psychology. Visit https://cpa.ca/events/ for more details.



Psynopsis Magazine

Psynopsis, Canada’s Psychology Magazine, is a vehicle by which CPA, CPA members, psychologists and those outside of psychology communicate with the diverse psychology community in Canada. Visit https://cpa.ca/Psynopsis/.


The Canadian Psychological Association is partnering with the American Psychological Association to publish the following three journals: Canadian Journal of Behavioural Science, Canadian Journal of Experimental Psychology, and Canadian Psychology. Visit https://cpa.ca/membership/cpajournals/. To access the CPA’s journals online, sign in to our Members’ Only area, here: https://secure.cpa.ca/apps/Pages/PsycNET.

Mind Pad

Canada’s student written, edited and published psychology newsletter. This online-only publication is available on our website, at https://cpa.ca/students/MindPad/.

Publications Available for Purchase

For a complete listing of CPA Publications available for purchase (and a listing of free publications available for download), visit our website at https://cpa.ca/thecpastore/purchasecpapublications/.



Web-Based Continuing Education Courses

The CPA is pleased to offer web-based continuing education opportunities for the benefit of psychologists across the country. Visit https://cpa.ca/professionaldevelopment/webcourses/ for details.



CPA Board of Directors

The CPA relies on its Board of Directors to set policy that guides the organization. CPA’s Board represents all aspects of psychology with representatives from across the country. To learn more about CPA’s Board or for more information on the wealth of opportunities within CPA, visit https://cpa.ca/aboutcpa/boardofdirectors/.

CPA Committees and Task Forces

The CPA relies heavily on the work of and volunteers who serve on its various committees and task forces, as well as the external representatives who sit on CPA’s Board. At present, there are 18 committees, two task forces and two external Board representatives. For a list of CPA Committees, please visit https://cpa.ca/aboutcpa/committees/.

CPA Awards

Once a year at its Annual Convention, the Canadian Psychological Association honours the best and brightest in the Discipline https://cpa.ca/aboutcpa/cpaawards/.

CPA By-Laws

To review the CPA’s By-Laws, visit https://cpa.ca/aboutcpa/cpabylaws/.