Mental Health Table

The Mental Health Table (MHT) is comprised of 12 of Canada’s national associations representing regulated health care professionals who provide health care in Canada. Some of these are health professionals who provide specialized mental health care services and others provide health services to patient groups that include persons with mental health disorders and problems. Member associations include:

  • Canadian Association of Occupational Therapists
  • Canadian Association of Social Workers
  • Speech-Language & Audiology Canada
  • Canadian Federation of Mental Health Nurses
  • Canadian Medical Association
  • Canadian Nurses Association
  • Canadian Pharmacists Association
  • Canadian Physiotherapy Association
  • Canadian Psychiatric Association
  • Canadian Psychological Association
  • Registered Psychiatric Nurses of Canada
  • The College of Family Physicians of Canada

The Mental Health Table was formed in 2009 for several purposes including:

  • the identification and resolution of problems common to health professional communities as they relate to the mental health of our patients; 
  • participating in the transformation of mental health care delivery; and
  • knowledge translation and transfer between and among stakeholders in mental health. 

It is co-chaired by Dr. Karen Cohen, Chief Executive Officer of the Canadian Psychological Association and Dr. Francine Lemire, Associate Executive Director Professional Affairs, of the College of Family Physicians of Canada.