Membership Surveys

In recent years, CPA has conducted many surveys and/or run many surveys off its website. Some of these surveys were for CPA Head Office itself and others for its members. Surveys that are ongoing, are in development, or were completed include: 

Ongoing in 2012

  • Practice Advocacy: Online Survey: Canada’s psychological associations want to hear from you. We’re bringing together the ideas, experience and knowledge that exist about psychology and psychological services in Canada, to form the foundation of our campaign to increase awareness and access for Canadians. 

In Development 2012

  • CPA Feedback Survey: Using the R2P2
  • CE in Psychopharmacology Survey 

Completed in 2012

  • CPA Membership Survey (2011/2012): The Canadian Psychological Association gathered input from psychologists, psychological associates and psychology students across Canada about membership in CPA. 
  • CCR Survey: Operations and Future Directions (April 2012)
  • CCPPP Post-Match Internship Survey for Internship Training Directors (April 2012)
  • CCPPP Post-Match Internship Survey for Doctoral Training Directors (March 2012)

Completed in 2011

  • CPA’s Practice Network Project: Feedback Questionnaire (July 2011)
  • School Psychology in Public Service (March 2011)
  • Feedback Survey on CPA’s Definition of Evidence-based Practice of Psychological Treatment (February 2012)
  • Survey of Child and Family Mental Health Practitioners on Family-based Approaches (April 2011)
  • Future of the National Emergency Psychosocial Advisory Consortium (NEPAC) (March 2011)
  • Psynopsis Member Survey (November 2011)
  • CPA Survey on the Association Needs and Views of CPA Members who are also Members of the APA (March 2011)
  • Mental Health Table Access Forum: Post-Forum Survey (March 2011)
  • Career Goals and Aspirations: Survey of Graduate Students in Applied Psychology (February 2011)
  • Mental Health Table Access Forum: Post-Forum Evaluation (October 2010)
  • CIHR’s Notification Date and Deferral Policy for Student Awards (January 2011)This survey looked at issues related to the length of time students can defer their Masters award and the timing of CIHR’s notice regarding Masters scholarships and awards. 
  • NSERC Student Funding Eligibility Criteria (January 2011): This survey aimed to assess how many students doing clinically-oriented research with a basic science focus would not be eligible for NSERC funding under its revised eligibility criteria.  
  • Survey of CAMIMH Membership (January 2011)

Completed in 2010: 

  • Review of the Canadian Code of Ethics for Psychologists (October 2010)
  • CPA Task Force on the Supply of Psychologists in Canada (June 2010)

Completed in 2009 or earlier include: