Current Initiatives of the Practice Directorate

Here is what the Practice Directorate is currently working on

  • Advocating for better access to Psychological Services for Provincial & Territorial Employees
  • Ensuring that better access to a Psychologist is being discussed during Provincial & Territorial elections
  • Promoting Psychology Month with the Mind Your Mental Health Campaign that lets politicians know that better access to a psychologist is important to all Canadians
  • Offering training opportunities such as media and communications training for Practice Directorate members to assist associations of psychology with their advocacy activities.
  • Advocating for better access to psychological services based on findings from CPA’s commissioned Report; An Imperative for Change: Access to Psychological Services for Canada. Read more: 

List of Policies and Actions Endorsed by the Council

  1. Support for the Doctor of Psychology (PsyD) education and training model.
  2. Support the development of internship and practicum placements for psychology students, interns and residents in Canada.
  3. Canadians regardless of income have a right to access psychological services.
  4. Supports the concept of patient centered services that maximize patient access to the right service by the right provider in a timely fashion.
  5. Supports recovery as a critical aspect in the lives of Canadians with mental and behavioural health problems and disorders in the broad range of supports and services in Canada.
  6. Strongly supports efforts to increase the understanding of and decrease the incidence of concussions in sport and recreation.
  7. All Canadians have the right to work in a psychologically healthy workplace.
 If you wish further information on any of these initiatives please contact the Executive Office at