Professional Development

Ongoing professional development is important for psychologists in all fields of the discipline. CPA actively supports knowledge exchange and life-long learning through our continuing education approval programme and by offering educational opportunities tailored to the needs of psychologists across the country.

Professional Development News
  • Now available! Course #6: Evidence Based Correctional Practice (EBCP) for Managing and Treating Offenders with Mental Illness  (ScholarLab)

  • Now available! Course #7: Transition Assessments for Criminal and Violence Risk: Theory, Ethics, and Application  (ScholarLab)

  • Now available! Course #8: Integrated CBT Treatment for Anxiety in Clinical Practice   (ScholarLab)

  • Now available! Course #9: Addressing Insomnia in Those with Depression: A Step-by-Step Evidence-Based Approach  (ScholarLab)

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