Frequently Asked Questions about Continuing Professional Development (CPD)

FAQ – CPA’s General CPD Offerings

1) What types of Continuing Professional Development (CPD) opportunities does CPA offer?

CPA offers a wide variety of CPD opportunities: Pre-convention workshops, other convention programming, journals and online learning.

2) Who can register for CPA’s CPD activities? Can a group of us complete a CPD course together?

Anyone can register, whether a CPA member or not. Preferred rates are available for CPA members, students and in some cases, groups. Please click here for more details about CPA membership.

CPA’s online courses can be great group learning opportunities. Our courses through Vocalmeet can even be purchased at a discount in groups of 5. An institutional license is also available for larger groups.

3) I am a registered psychologist, but my licensing body does not require me to report my CE hours. Why should I register for any of CPA’s CPD offerings?

All psychologists are expected to keep their knowledge relevant and up-to-date, regardless of whether such activities are monitored. Engaging in CPD also frequently enriches one’s career satisfaction.

4) I am not a registered psychologist. Does CPA’s CPD department have anything to offer me?

Yes! CPA’s pre-convention workshops often include coverage of specialized research and data analysis techniques, as well as other career development issues. CPA is always interested in developing additional CPD resources for all members – please contact us at with any suggestions.

5) I am a psychologist located in Quebec. Do CPA’s CPD offerings qualify under the OPQ’s continuing education approval program?

CPA’s online courses are hosted on servers outside of Quebec, thus the OPQ has indicated that approval through their system is not necessary. However, please see the course catalogue for more information on which courses are eligible to be claimed by Quebec psychologists.

6) I am a psychologist located in the United States. Do CPA’s CPD offerings qualify under the American Psychological Association (APA) CE approval program?

CPA’s online courses with Vocalmeet are approved for both CPA & APA CE credits. The CPA is approved by the American Psychological Association to sponsor continuing education for psychologists. The CPA maintains responsibility for this program and its content.

7) I have a hearing or vision impairment. How accessible are CPA’s CPD offerings?

All of CPA’s online courses include audio/video along with PowerPoint slides. At the present time closed captioning is not available. Please contact CPA at with any inquiries regarding accessibility of online or in person events.

8) Does CPA offer any CPD activities in French?

CPA’s journals offer many French language articles. Convention programming is available in French when submitted by French speaking presenters, and translation is available for certain events. Currently CPA’s online courses are not available in French. Please contact with any inquiries regarding French options.

FAQ – CPA’s Online CPD Courses

1) What are the advantages of taking a course online? Any disadvantages?

There are many advantages! For example:

  • No travel costs
  • The ability to learn on your schedule
  • Access to topics and presenters regardless of your location
  • The ability to start, stop, and review as needed
  • The ability to connect with other learners across the country and beyond

The flip side is not being able to connect in person with colleagues – if you prefer learning in a group, consider combining online learning with regular meetings with others. As well, CPA’s courses offered through Vocalmeet can be purchased at a discount for groups of 5 or more.

2) I’m new to learning online – how can I make the most of this experience?

There are a variety of steps you can take:

  • Schedule your learning (as you would any other appointment)
  • Take breaks after every hour or so of content
  • Discuss the content with others
  • Take notes and refer back to them in a few days/at regular intervals
3) Does CPA offer CE credits for online CPD courses?

Yes, the CE credits available for each course are noted along with the course description in the course catalogue. The courses available through Vocalmeet also are approved for APA CE credits.

4) How do I register for an online CPD course?
5) What are the registration rates for the online courses? Do I get a discount if I am a CPA member? A student? An APA member?

The course registration rates are available in the catalogue. As a benefit of membership, CPA members and students receive significantly reduced rates. APA members can receive the CPA member discount by becoming a CPA member, which is possible at a 50% discount. Please contact membership for more information.

6) Do you offer group discounts for online course registrations?

Yes! To help encourage group learning, group discounts are available for all courses offered through Vocalmeet. Two types of group discounts are available: Group Registrations and Group Licenses.

7) What is the difference between a Group Registration and a Group License?

A Group Registration offers a discounted price to CPA Members/Fellows and Student Affiliates for 5 individual course registrations, purchased at the same time. Note that participants do not need to be at the same location. Individual CE credits are included with each registration.

A Group License offers one course access for an unlimited number of users at the same location. Participants do not need to be CPA members. Makes a great option for staff retreats. Individual CE credits are available for a small additional fee.

Group Registrations are a good fit for smaller groups of CPA members. Group Licenses are a good fit for larger groups of members or non-members.

8) What are the accepted methods of payment?

Payment can be made by Visa or MasterCard.

9) Do I get a receipt for my registration?

Yes, you will receive proof of your completed registration and payment.

10) Once I register for an online course, for how long will I have access?

Courses through Vocalmeet are available for at least one year of access. Courses through Captus Press are available for approximately 1 month.

11) Can I come back and access a course multiple times while my registration is active?

Yes! This is one of the key advantages of an online course; you do not need to complete it all in one sitting.

12) Once I complete a course, do I get a certificate of completion?

Yes, upon course completion you will receive access to your certificate, which you can print and save for your records.

13) What if I am having technical difficulties?

Please contact Vocalmeet or Captus Press directly for any technology-related issues. Please contact CPA for any other questions or comments: or 1-888-472-0657.