Psychology Speaks

The Canadian Psychological Association (CPA) has launched a new initiative called Psychology Speaks.

Through this initiative, we want to bring the good work of psychological science and practice to the Canadian public. We want to be able to offer specific examples of the kinds of research psychologists do and what kinds of skills they bring to health, school, the workplace and the any number of settings in which psychologists do applied work.

CPA is inviting members and affiliates who are researchers and practitioners across Canada to submit a description of the work you do, up to a maximum of 400 words.

Submissions will be posted on CPA’s website and will be used to develop a variety of advocacy and public-awareness materials, which CPA will use with partner organizations, funders and the public, to promote what psychologists do.

Canadians want to know what psychologists do!

What might you mention?

  • Describe a research study or program, highlighting its findings or questions for future study
  • Provide a description of an assessment or intervention
  • Describe a program you designed, deliver or evaluate
  • Tell us about your role and contribution on a team – be it a healthcare team or a team in schools, university, a community, corrections, government department, NGO or industry
  • Share with us how you use psychology to give back to your community

These personal and grassroots messages will speak louder about the science and practice of psychology than do our general descriptions of the range of activities in which psychologists are engaged.

Here are a few things we’re planning to do with the submissions…

  • Compile them into materials that will help us promote the discipline and profession
  • Review and select a number (depending on how many submissions we receive) to publish in a special issue of Psynopsis, tentatively called Psychology Speaks
  • As time and budget permit, select from the submissions to develop a series of Psychology Speaks talks. These can be posted to a CPA YouTube account and embedded as hyperlinks from the on-line edition of Psynopsis. For this purpose, selections will be made with the help of CPA’s Scientific Affairs and Professional Affairs Committees.
  • Reach out to other health service provider and learned societies to see about their interest in reciprocally running columns about our respective science and practice developments.

How do you submit?

  • Email your submission, saved as a Worddoc, to Manager of Membership & Association Development, Tyler Stacey-Holmes (
  • Save your file in this format: FirstName_MiddleInitial_LastName.doc
  • Feel free to enclose a photo of you or your team at work when possible.
  • You will receive a confirmation email once your submission has been received.
  • It is our intention to accept as many submissions as possible to post on the CPA website. However, our ability to do so will depend on the volume and kinds of submissions received. Selections will be necessary for some applications (e.g. Psynopsis, Psychology Speaks).

A few legal details

  • Must be a current Member or Affiliate of the CPA
  • All submitted materials become the property of the Canadian Psychological Association
  • If selected, submitters will be required to sign a Copyright Release Form