Resources of Interest for Researchers

Government and Non-Government Reports

House of Commons Standing Committee on Finance
Competing to Win
CPA Commentary on Competing to Win Report (2006)

Science and Research Documents

A Primer on Scientific Risk Assessment at Health Canada (2010)

Science in Canada: Call for a Bigger Vision (2010)

Highly Qualified Personnel: The Important Contribution of the Social Sciences and Humanities in Canada (2002)

Productivity, Culture and Society: The Essential Contribution of Psychology as a Social Science (2006)

The Cost-Effectiveness of Psychological Interventions (2002)

Closing the Gap: Investing in Knowledge for a Better Canada: Opening Statement
Closing the Gap: Investing in Knowledge for a Better Canada: Brief (2011)

Report of the National Conference on Psychology as a Science (1997)

Working with the Media: A Guide for Psychologists (1995)

Effectiveness and Costs of Clinical Psychology Services: A Business Plan (1995)


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Knowledge Translation

Guide to Knowledge Translation Planning at CIHR: Integrated and End-of-Grant Approaches

CIHR has developed a new Knowledge Translation Guide to assist with the writing and reviewing of grants. Integrated and end-of-grant approaches are described in detail with case studies that bring the concepts to life and worksheets that will help guide your thinking and planning.

The Knowledge Translation Guide is available on the CIHR website,, or in hard copy by writing to

Guide to Evaluation in Health Research

The Guide to Evaluation in Health Research by Dr. Sarah Bowen, University of Alberta, was developed for researchers and reviewers who want to build their knowledge and skill in the area of evaluation of health and health research initiatives. The specific objectives of this CIHR online learning module are to: demonstrate the potential for evaluation to support evidence-informed action; support development of appropriate evaluation plans for research funding proposals, and; facilitate assessment of evaluation plans by peer and merit reviewers.

View the complete Guide, which includes an evaluation checklist and other evaluation resources, on the CIHR website:

Citizen Engagement in Health Casebook

CIHR’s Partnerships and Citizen Engagement Branch is releasing the Citizen Engagement in Health Casebook, This new publication showcases examples of processes or projects that have engaged citizens in health care decision making in Canada. This Casebook demonstrates the breadth and extent of citizen engagement in health care priority setting, policy, and decision making.”