Clinical Psychology Section Publications

The Clinical Section Newsletter

The Section’s newsletter, The Canadian Clinical Psychologist, is published twice a year. It provides brief clinical updates and articles on topics of interest to clinical psychologists.



Submission Instructions

The Canadian Clinical Psychologist/ Psychologue Clinicien Canadien invites submissions from Section members and students.

Brief articles, conference or symposia overviews, and opinion pieces, are all welcome. The thoughts and views of contributors belong strictly to the author(s), and do not necessarily reflect the position of the Section, the Canadian Psychological Association, or any of its officers or directors. Please send your submission, in English or French, directly to the editors, preferably either on disk or via e-mail attachment. The newsletter is published twice per year. Submission deadlines are as follows: September 15th (October issue) and March 15th (April issue).


Section List Server

The CPA Section on Clinical Psychology initiated its list server in August 2001, in order to inform members about important news and events, and to disseminate information generated from the Executive of the Section.  We intend to operate in the best interests of our members, and your e-mail addresses will be protected and kept completely confidential. Every member of the Section (who provided CPA with their email addresses) was placed automatically on the list server. We would like to acknowledge CPA for its generous support in providing this service at no cost to the section.

Members of the Section who would like to post on the list server should contact the Executive of the Section via Dr. Maxine Holmqvist at