Environmental Psychology Resources

On Landscape, Architecture, Extreme Environments, Lighting, Personal Space, Perception

Environmental Design Research Association (EDRA)
An international, interdisciplinary organization founded in 1968 by design professionals, social scientists, students, educators, and facility managers.

Architecture and Habitat Anthropology
An online research series.

National Research Council of Canada, Institution for Research in Construction
Research in technology and innovation for the Canadian construction industry, the country’s largest industrial sector.

Lighting Research Center
Part of the Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute.

Urban Ecology
How to develop ecologically sound and socially vital communities.

Ben Barkow’s Behavioural Team
Environmental psychology in applied settings.


On Resource Management, Environmental Education and Relationships with Nature

Fostering Sustainable Behavior through Social Marketing
This site was developed for the people who design initiatives to reduce waste and pollution, increase water and energy efficiency and other programs to foster sustainable behavior.

The EnviroLink Network
A non-profit organisation which provides access to thousands of online environmental resources.

International Community for Ecopsychology
Ecopsychology suggests that there is a synergistic relation between planetary and personal well being

Natural Resources Defense Council
An American organisation devoted to the protection of natural resources.

David Suzuki Foundation
A Canadian organisation that focuses on the most crucial worldwide threats to the planet’s biodiversity and environment.

Conservation Psychology
The term "Conservation Psychology" indicates the aspiration of some psychologists to use their training, tools and perspectives to contribute to ‘greening’ psychology, and to making society more ecologically sustainable.

Le Réseau Environnement
A French-Canadian website devoted to the protection of natural resources in Canada.

Research Tools for Environmental Practitioners.


On Health Design and Neuroarchitecture

The Center for Health Design
Information on design of healthcare environments, with links to research publications, e-newsletters, and applied resources.

Academy of Neuroscience for Architecture
Official site of the Academy, with an emphasis on research and applications.

Architecture and the Mind by John Eberhard
Information on the link between neuroscience and architectural design, with highly readable summaries of recent and classic research; this site presents information from an interdisciplinary approach.


Environmental Psychology Sections and Associations

IAAP Division 4 — Environment
International Association of Applied Psychology.

APA Division 34 — Population and Environmental Psychology
American Psychological Association.

International Association for People-Environment Studies
An international association that aims to stimulate research and innovation for improving human well-being and the physical environment.


Research Groups

McGill School of Environment
A research institute at McGill University

Institut des sciences de l’environnement – UQAM
A research institute at the University of Quebec in Montreal.

Psychologie de l’environnement – Université Libre de Bruxelles
A research group from the University of Brussels.

Environmental Psychology Lab – University of Michigan
A research group from the University of Michigan.

Environmental Psychology, The Graduate Center – City University of New York
An Interdisciplinary doctoral study of the human environment.


General Interest

Environment Canada
The Government of Canada’s internet resource for environmental information.

Careers in Environmental Psychology
Information on careers and general information on the environmental field.

Environmental Psychology On-line Resource
General information on environmental psychology.

Dr. Dan Stokols’ Course Links site
An impressive number of links and a very well designed site.



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