Sport and Exercise Section: Membership

Join the Sport and Exercise Psychology Section

We welcome all individuals interested in sport and exercise psychology.  See for the types of membership one can have with CPA and how one can formally become part of our section.

What do my membership fees include?

Section fees range from approximately $5 – $25 depending on the section.  The sport and exercise section currently levies a fee of $6 for student members and $12 for full members.  The majority of funds go to the annual convention.   Additionally, the section has begun to provide student and research awards which with funds, a monetary amount can be included with the certificates to help offset conference travelling and as a token of praise for the significant work contributed to the section.  We also wish to have all of our communications in french which requires the services of a translator, in addition to developing our webpages more professionally, hosting national workshops and/or meetings and events, among other possibilities.  Many of these exciting activities can only proceed with the support of our membership.  If you have other activities and interests that you would like to see in our section, please do not hesitate to contact your executive and/or better yet- come join us and make things happen!  We would love to have you!