SWAP Section: Past Awards

SWAP Distinguished Member Award

The SWAP Distinguished Member Award is presented annually to an individual who has made distinguished, long-standing, and substantial contributions that pertain to women, gender, or related issues, in the areas of teaching, research, and/or practice. Past recipients are:

2023 – Lori Brotto, UBC Department of Obstetrics and Gynaecology

2022 – Paula Barata, University of Guelph

2021 – Lynda Ross, Athabasca University

2020 – no award granted (CPA Conference cancelled due to COVID-19)

2019 – Stephanie Martin, University of Saskatchewan

2018 – Lana Stermac, University of Toronto

2017 – Karen Korabik, University of Guelph (Professor Emeritus)

2016 – H. Lorraine Radtke, University of Calgary

2015 – Colleen MacQuarrie, University of Prince Edward Island

2014 – Carmen Poulin, University of New Brunswick

2013 – Noreen Stuckless, York University

2012 – Linda McMullen, University of Saskatchewan

2011 – Alexandra Rutherford, York University

2010 – Charlene Y. Senn, University of Windsor

2009 – Shake Toukmanian, York University

2008 – Elizabeth Church, Mount Saint Vincent University

2007 – Frances Cherry, Carleton University

2006 – Hilary M. Lips, Radford University, Virginia

2005 – Sandra Byers, University of New Brunswick

2004 – Vaura Vike-Freiberga, Université de Montréal, President of Latvia

2003 – Elinor Ames, Simon Fraser University

2002 – Olga Fabreau, Université de Montréal

2001 – Sharon Crozier, University of Calgary

2000 – Janet Stoppard, University of New Brunswick

1999 – Joanne Gallivan, University College of Cape Breton

1998 – Elinor Burwell, Carleton University (posthumous award)

1997 – Esther Greenglass, York University

1996 – Lorna Cammaert, University of Calgary

1995 – Cannie Stark-Adamec, University of Regina

1994 – Meredith Kimball, Simon Fraser University

1993 – Sandra Pyke, York University

SWAP Feminist Mentoring Award

The SWAP Feminist Mentoring Award is presented annually to recognize feminist supervisors who have promoted the advancement of their students through exceptional mentoring. Nominations are received from students and recent graduates who wish to acknowledge a professor who promotes feminist scholarship, teaching, and, practice and who has been pivotal to their graduate/post-graduate school experience. Past recipients are:

2022 – Emily Coffey, Concordia University

2021 – Annie Duchesne (University of Northern British Columbia) and Jodie Gawryluk (University of Victoria)

2020 – no award granted (CPA Conference cancelled due to COVID-19)

2019 – Leanna Closson, Saint Mary’s University

2018 – Shelly Russell-Mayhew, University of Calgary

2017 – Debra Titone, McGill University

2016 – Kristin Miller von Ranson, University of Calgary

2015 – Paula Barata, University of Guelph

2014 – Carla Rice, University of Guelph

2013 – Janelle Kwee, Trinity Western University

2012 – Maria Gurevich, Ryerson University

2011 – Carmen Poulin, University of New Brunswick

2010 – Cherie Werhun, University of Winnipeg

2009 – Jennifer McGrath, Concordia University

2008 – Shelley Brown, Carleton University

2007 – Mary Hampton, University of Regina

2006 – Alexandra Rutherford, York University

2005 – Connie Kristiansen, Carleton University

2004 – Charlene Senn, University of Windsor

2003 – Niva Piran, University of Toronto (OISE)

SWAP Student Paper Award

The SWAP Student Paper Award ($500) is presented annually to the best paper submitted by a student to the Annual Convention of the Canadian Psychological Association or SWAP Pre-Convention Institute. Past recipients are:

2022 – Taranjot Dhillon (Brock University)
Understanding the Relationship between Body Image and Menopause in South Asian Canadian Women

2021 1st place – Bidushy Sadika (University of Saskatchewan)
Shadeism in Interpersonal, Social, and Cultural Spaces: Experiences of South Asian Women in Canada

2021 2nd place – Tanja Samardzic (University of Guelph)
“I Didn’t Feel Normal”: Young, Canadian Women’s Experiences with Polycystic Ovary Syndrome

2020 – Nicole Jeffrey (University of Guelph)
Men’s Talk about Sexual Behaviours: Implications for Consent-Focused Models of Sexual Violence Prevention

2019 – Jessie Lund (Lakehead University)
Why Female Canadian University Sexual Assault Survivors do not Report: A Qualitative Analysis

2018 – Ann Marie Beals (Wilfrid Laurier University)
The Mental Health Care of Mixed-Race Indigenous-Black Women in Canada

2017 – Mia Sisic (University of Windsor)
A Focus on Strength: Outcomes of Wartime Sexual Violence in a Sample of Ethnically Diverse Bosnian Women

2016 – Madeline Hannan-Leith with Marla Buchanan (University of British Columbia)
“Hello? Is it me your ‘swiping’ for?”: Modern Communication and Online Romance in Queer Women

2015 – Hillary McBride (University of British Columbia)
Promoting Resiliency through Embodiment: Conceptually and Empirically Grounded Approaches for Working with the Body in Eating Disorder Prevention and Treatment

2014 – Nicole Jeffrey with Paula Barata (University of Guelph)
Women’s Lived Experiences of Sexual Coercion in Intimate Relationships with Men

2013 – Sara Crann with Paula Barata (University of Guelph)
The Experience of Resilience for Survivors of Intimate Partner Violence: A Phenomenological Inquiry

2012 – Jenna MacKay with Connie Kristiansen, Hatav Shalileh, Reynosa Mangagil (Carleton University)
Naming Violence Against Women in Ontario

2011 – Courtney Williston

2010 – Elise Matthews

2009 – Anne Marie Mikhail

2008 – Ilan dar Nimrod with Stephen Heine and Clarissa Markel (University of British Columbia)
The Gender Divide Through a Genetic Lens: How Exposure to Genetic Theories Affects Behaviours and Attitudes

2007 – Shannon Ellis with Linda McMullen (University of Saskatchewan)

2006 – Behesta Jaghori with Kathryn Lafreniere (University of Windsor)
Countering the Dominant Discourse: Afghan Women Speak

2005 – Dara Chappell with Karen Korabik and Allyson McElwain (University of Guelph)
Effects of Gender-Role Attitudes on Work-Family Conflict and Work-Family Guilt

2004 – Heather Roxborough with Carmen Poulin and Lynn Gouliquer (University of New Brunswick)
Discrimination Practices: Lesbian Military Members and Their Partners’ Health

2003 – Chantal Thorn (University of Windsor)
Conceptualizations of Health and Illness: A Test of the Theory of Male Bias

2002 – Lori Brotto (University of British Columbia)
The Comparison of Clinical Assessment and Laboratory-Based Assessment of Sexual Arousal in Women With and Without Arousal Disorder

2001 – Pek Ne (Angela) Khoo with Charlene Y. Senn (University of Windsor)
Men’s and Women’s Responses to Electronic Mail of Different Types of Content

2000 – Joti Samra-Grewal with A. Sidhu (Simon Fraser University)
Ethnic Differences in Prevalence Rates and Predictors of Disordered Eating Behaviours

1999 – E.B. Brownlie with Stephanie Kellington (Simon Fraser University)
Construction of Gender Conformity and Non-Conformity: A Q-Methodological Study

1998 – Nancy Johnson Smith (University of Calgary)
The Development of Occupational Aspirations in Young Women: A Qualitative Study

1997 – Yvette Scattolon with Janet Stoppard (University of New Brunswick)
Perceptions of Depression and Coping with Depressive Experiences Among Rural Women in New Brunswick

1996 – Kimberly Quinn with James M. Olson (University of Western Ontario)
The Personal/Group Discrimination Discrepancy: An Example of the Better-Than-Average Effect

1995 – Diane Roche (University of Victoria)
Women’s Childhood Sexual Abuse History as a Predictor of Adult Attachment Style

1994 – Linda Coates with Alan Wade (University of Victoria)
Judges’ Use of Psychological Explanations in Sexual Assault Trial Judgements

1993 – Brenda Bettridge (Université de Montréal)
Intimacy and Relationships: The Imagery of Female Adolescent Suicide Attempters

1992 – Patricia L. Peters with Lisa A. Serbin (Concordia University)
Adolescent and Early Adult Fertility Patterns in a Sample of Women with Histories of Aggressive and Withdrawn Behaviour

1991 – Charlene Y. Senn with Sandra W. Pyke (York University)
Women’s Perceptions of the Impact of Pornography on Their Lives: A Q-Methodological Investigation

1990 – Marion A. Cuddy with Kathryn Belicki (York University)
Predicting a History of Sexual Abuse from Nightmares

1989 – Wendy M. Pullin (University of Regina) with Henderikus J. Stam (University of Calgary & Tom Baker Cancer Centre)
Appraising Breast Cancer Symptoms: What Motivates Women to Report Them Rapidly?

1988 – Tracy L. Bennett (University of California, Los Angeles)
Coping with Abusive Relationships: How and Why Women Stay

1987 – Marsha G. Runtz (University of Manitoba)
The Sexual Victimization of Women: The Link Between Child Abuse and Revictimization

1986 – Eva E. Skoe (Simon Fraser University)

1985 – Charlene Y. Senn with H. Lorraine Radtke (University of Calgary)
A Comparison of Women’s Reactions to Violent Pornography, Non-Violent Pornography and Erotica

SWAP Student Travel Award

The SWAP Student Travel Award ($200-$250) is presented annually to students presenting at the Annual Convention of the Canadian Psychological Association or SWAP Pre-Convention Institute. Priority is given to students presenting papers or posters on topics of particular relevance to women. Past recipients are:

Briar Inness
Casey Oliver
Bidushy Sadika
Jann Tomaro

(Travel Awards temporarily replaced by Presentation Awards for CPA’s 2021 Virtual Series)
Jenna Cripps
Tanja Samardzic

(Travel Awards temporarily replaced by Presentation Awards for CPA’s 2020 Virtual Series)
1st place: Nicole Jeffrey
2nd place: Danielle Lefebvre

Grace Ewles
Nicole Jeffrey
Hilary Power
Abigail Withers
Alexandra Zidenberg

Sydney Cherniawsky
Monica Ghabrial
Julia Grummisch
Nicole Jeffrey
Hio Tong Kuan

Pamela Young
Hillary McBride
Kathryn Jenson
Jennifer McWilliams
Chen Vu

Ekaterina Martynova
Usra Leedham
Cailin Stamarski
Jenna Cripps
Busisiwe Neube

Taslim Alani
Kaitlyn Goldsmith
Alyssa Mabey
Jessica McCutcheon
Jennifer Andrea Moore
Carley Pope
Kathleen Webb

Nicole Aitkin
Giselle Castillo
Carley Pope
Kathleen Webb
Victoria Sit
Cailin Stamarski

Brianna O’Neil
Emilie Polak
Jessica McCutcheon
Taslim Alani
Courtney Williston
Hillary McBride
Kerry Erickson

Sobia Ali-Faisal
Kimberley Cullen
Sandra Dixon
Kerry Erikson
Natalie Michel

Taslim Alani
Regine Debrosse
Anne Gendreau
Jenna MacKay
Myriah Mulvogue

Tera Beaulieu
Andre DesRoches
Natalie Michel
Jennifer Moore, University of Calgary
Allison Reeves

Melissa Castro Couch
Rebecca Harriman, University of Saskatchewan
Jessica McCutcheon, University of New Brunswick

Ashley Cavanaugh, Trinity Western University
Christina Drost, University of Regina
Paula Luedemann, University of Alberta
Deborah MacNiel, University of Alberta
Judi Malone, Athabasca University