Mind Pad Editorial Policy and Submissions

Editorial Policy


Mind Pad aims to publish material that is of interest to all who are practicing and studying psychology, but with a primary emphasis on articles that are of interest to students of psychology.  Mind Pad is published twice a year.  Each issue is published one month following the publication of Psynopsis, and is therefore published in the final week of the months August, November, February, and May. Mind Pad is published electronically online, and made available on the CPA website.  A link to the newest issue is emailed to all Student Affiliates of CPA.

Content is encouraged that are unique, innovative, and may catalyze discussion and debate among members and affiliates of CPA, as well as within the psychological community.

If you are interested in submitting an article, or have a comment about one you read here, please contact the editor, Chelsea Moran.



Mind Pad may publish a range of submissions, including but not limited to:
  • Original research summaries
  • Research review summaries
  • Psychology career-related articles
  • Opinion articles on a psychology-related topic
  • New trends in psychology or psychology research
  • Reports on conferences or workshops attended
  • Campus Corner write-ups on psychology programs at Canadian universities
  • Reflections on psychology in the media
  • Research results
  • Press releases
At the discretion of the Editor-in-Chief, issues of Mind Pad may be themed.  Mind Pad accepts submissions in English or French.

Submission guidelines

  • All regular submissions must be between 800 and 2000 words. Exceptions must be approved by the editorial board. Reponses and comments to articles published in previous issues may be shorter
  • Graphics and tables to accompany submissions will be considered on an individual basis.  Those wishing to submit graphics should include the graphics with the submission, with a note describing the graphics and how they support the submission.
  • Submissions may include references if necessary or required.  References are not included in the overall article submission length word count, but may be limited by the Editor-in-Chief.
  • Submissions must adhere to APA publishing guidelines.
  • Authors must be CPA members. Submissions by Student Affiliates will be given priority.
  • Submissions should be submitted by completing the Submission Form available at this link.

Submission process

  1. The Editor-in-Chief will notify the submitter that his or her submission has been received within two weeks of receiving a submission.
  2. Within one month of receiving the submission, an initial review is conducted
  3. After this initial review period, the Editor-in-Chief will notify the submitter of the status of his or her submission.  This may include acceptance, requests for editorial changes, rejection, etc. 
  4. Unless the article is rejected, the submitter is invited to revise and resubmit within two weeks
  5. The reviewers will review the second version of the article. A final decision will be communicated to the author.
  6. In an attempt to improve the submission process, the authors will be asked to complete a brief survey once the review process is completed and the final decision made.
Please send all submissions (using the Submission Form) to Chelsea Moran.