Committee and Section Executive Representatives

Students play an important role within CPA as student representatives on CPA committees and CPA Section Executives and as campus representatives.

If you are interested in being a student representative on a CPA Committee or Section Executive, contact the Section or Committee Chair to explore opportunities. Please help us keep these lists up to date, if you are an incoming or outgoing student representative, let our Communications Officer know.

CPA Committees

Below is a list of the student representatives on various CPA committees.  

CPA Committee Student Representative Student Email
Board of Directors

Zarina Giannone

Brenden Sommerhalder
Education and Training Tina Montreuil
Ethics Kathryn Birnie 

Zarina Giannone
Professional Affairs Kelly Smith
Scientific Affairs Melissa Duffy

CPA Section Executives

Below is a list of the student representatives in various CPA sections. 

CPA Section Student Representative Student Email
Adult Development and Aging Gilbert Ratto
Addiction Psychology Vacant
Brain and Cognitive Science Vacant  
Clinical Emma MacDonald
Clinical Neuropsychology Kyrsten Grimes
Community Vacant  
Counselling Jennifer Titus
Criminal Justice Leticia Gutierrez
Joanna Hessen
Developmental Madison Pesowski
Niusha Ghazban
Psychologists in Education Rashmeen Nirmal
Extremism and Terrorism

Chelsea Ferriday

Family Chelsea Durber

Maxine Boudreau
Ariane Jacob

Industrial/Organizational Nick Bremner
International & Cross-Cultural Maya A. Yampolsky
Psychoanalytic & Psychodynamic Maneet Bhatia  
Psychopharmacology Vacant  
Rural and Northern Laura Armstrong
Social and Personality Sana Risvi
Sport and Exercise Amber Mosewich
Traumatic Stress

Andrew Wrath


Women and Psychology Vacant