Supply And Demand of Psychologists

There are a number of pressing issues which need to be addressed regarding the supply of and demand for psychologists in Canada.

  • A large proportion of the psychology workforce is approaching retirement. Who will take their places? How many people do we need to train?
  • How should we plan to ensure that there are enough psychologists in areas such as prevention, health promotion and rehabilitation?
  • Will we have an adequate number of psychologists to conduct research, train future students, and develop programs?
  • We have data about the number of students entering and graduating from psychology programs, but little about the nature of their training, and even less about their career paths after graduation.
  • We lack information on how many psychologists are actively practicing in the jurisdiction in which they are licensed
  • How many are publicly versus privately funded?
  • How many are in health versus correctional versus school?
  • How many are full-time versus part-time? etc.

These questions and many more are key issues for the CPA.  To further explore issues related to need, supply and demand, the CPA struck a task force in 2008 (see sidebar) and in 2013 organized and hosted a Summit (see sidebar).