Message from CPA's President,
2016-2017 : Dr. David Dozois

Dr. David Dozois, President

It is my pleasure, as CPA’s President for 2016/2017, to invite you to participate in all that our website, and indeed the association has to offer our members, our colleagues in practice and research, and members of the public with an interest in psychological health and wellbeing. Welcome all!

CPA's mission is "To improve the health and welfare of all Canadians; to promote excellence and innovation in psychological research, education, and practice; to promote the advancement, development, dissemination, and application of psychological knowledge; and to provide high-quality services to members."

This mission is organized around three pillars of Science, Practice, and Education and is carried out through several key activities undertaken by senior staff and leaders within the association. These include:

  1. Promoting a standard set of ethical principles that govern the science and practice of psychology in Canada.
  2. Maintaining standards and procedures of accreditation for doctoral and internship programmes in professional psychology.
  3. Publishing three peer-reviewed journals to disseminate the latest findings in psychological science and practice among psychology researchers in Canada and beyond.
  4. Publishing Canada’s psychology magazine, Psynopsis, each issue of which covers a different topical issue (e.g., Mental Health, Homelessness and Housing, Suicide, Psychology and the Workplace).
  5. Organizing an annual convention that brings together the psychology community of researchers, practitioners and students from across the country.
  6. Advocating for the discipline and profession in support of psychological research and practice across Canada.
  7. Promoting psychological research and practice as these can inform the development of social programs and policy in Canada.
  8. Advocating for the psychological health and well-being of Canadians.
  9. Consulting to and working with stakeholders (e.g., government, other health and science disciplines and professions, consumers of health care) about needs, gaps and opportunities for Canada's health and mental health.

The annual convention is one of the events that showcase CPA’s pillars of Science, Practice and Education. Our next convention will take place in Toronto (June 9-11, 2017). In addition to outstanding keynote addresses, the scientific program will be comprised of many excellent symposia, workshops, oral papers, and research posters. I hope that you join us.

CPA is, however, far more than a great annual convention! I encourage you to explore our website to learn about the many initiatives and partnerships that extend across our three pillars.

One of my presidential objectives – which supports both science and practice in psychology – is to help move CPA toward becoming an international leader in the evidence-based practice of psychology and its dissemination. In 2011-2012, the CPA Board launched a Task Force on Evidence-Based Practice of Psychological Treatments. The task force, which I co-chaired with Dr. Sam Mikail, developed a report that outlined a hierarchy of evidence and set of criteria regarding the optimal integration of research evidence into practice. It is important to continue to promote this initiative by fostering interest, encouraging development, and promoting effectiveness in evidence-based practice.

I have also been very involved in the planning for the next International Congress of Applied Psychology to be held in Montréal in June 2018, where I will serve as Co-President, together with Dr. Peter Graf. The overall theme of ICAP 2018 is “Psychology: Connecting Science to Solutions.” The Congress will showcase innovative science-based answers to questions that provide solutions to concerns at all levels, from helping to understand and improve the lives of individuals to enhancing the functioning of society locally and globally (see

Additional and ongoing objectives include: (1) fostering growth of the Association to better meet the needs of all members of CPA; (2) facilitating the generation, translation and dissemination of psychological science; (3) continuing to promote the excellent advocacy work that takes place at CPA; (4) advocating for increased resources for basic and applied research; and (5) promoting the value of psychological assessment and treatment.

It is a tremendous honour to serve as CPA President for 2016-2017. We have a very dedicated group of staff who, under the leadership of our Chief Executive Officer, Dr. Karen Cohen, work so very hard to advance psychology for all. CPA also benefits immeasurably from the commitment and hard work of its volunteers – numerous people who give so generously of their time by serving within Sections, on Task-Forces, on the Board of Directors and on various Committees – to advance the discipline, to assist Canadians and to improve society. To learn more about the activities and contributions that CPA makes to the science, practice and education of psychology, I encourage you to consult our quarterly newsletter Psynopsis, available to members and non-members alike on our website.

I hope you enjoy your visit to the CPA website, and invite you to share any comments or suggestions you may have about activities that CPA can take on for the science, practice and education of psychology in Canada. Please direct your email to

David J. A. Dozois, Ph.D.
CPA President