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One of the projects of the Student Section Executive has been to develop a way to showcase our Campus Representative Program, particularly to pay homage to the students who make this program possible. More specifically, we are hoping to bring CPA students from across the country closer by featuring a new Student Representative on our website every other month. These profiles allow the opportunity to learn more about our most active Student Section members and to share ideas about promoting the CPA.

If you are interested in representing the CPA Section for Students at your university, learn more about campus representative duties and how to become a campus representative, please contact either the Graduate Student Affairs Officer or the Undergraduate Student Affairs Officer.

Featured Student Representative - Steve Cicione



Concordia University/BSc Honours Psychology, Minor Philosophy

Research or clinical interests:

I'm interested in understanding the neural basis of intuition and its role in reasoning about beliefs.

Future plans:

I plan to pursue graduate studies in cognitive neuroscience and hope to establish a career in research academia.

How long have you been a campus representative?

Four months.

What motivated you to become a campus representative?

I saw it as an excellent opportunity to learn more about the CPA as well as to engage with faculty members, student organizations, and other psychology students at my university. Additionally, I realized that becoming a campus representative would enable me to effectively promote the many CPA student membership benefits and to convey the value in attending the annual convention. Finally, I felt it would be a great way to develop a number of transferable skills that will serve me well in any future administrative roles.

What you have accomplished as a campus representative?

I would like to believe that in accomplishing several smaller tasks (e.g., meeting with the department chair and student association, posting flyers, distributing a CPA information package, writing a column in the undergraduate newsletter, etc.) I have succeeded in making students cognizant of the CPA’s role, in promoting the benefits of student membership, and in establishing the CPA’s presence on campus—the latter of which permits both members and non-members to have their questions/comments addressed promptly.

However, I am also using the role as campus rep to jumpstart other projects. For example, I am currently in the process of organizing research skills workshops for undergraduates (e.g., SPSS, MATLAB, Eye-Tracker, fMRI, designing effective posters, etc.) at the beginning of which I will take a few moments to talk about CPA Student Membership benefits and the 2014 Convention.  

Any useful tips for other campus representatives?

Leverage this opportunity to meet faculty members, departmental administrators, student associations, and most importantly, your fellow students. Consult the Campus Rep Package for a fairly exhaustive list of things you can do to fulfill your duties. However, if you feel intimidated, overwhelmed, or confused about where to start, I would strongly recommend contacting the very helpful CPA Undergraduate Affairs Officer or soliciting the support of resourceful peers to make this a collective effort. To that, I would add one last thing: be creative and use this occasion to initiate exciting new projects that contribute to student life.


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