Guidelines for CPA Campus and Student Representatives

Student and Campus Representative Responsibilities

Student and Campus Representatives serve as ambassadors to the CPA. Representatives will be required to introduce themselves to the psychology students at their university and share information about CPA activities, such as our annual conference and mentorship opportunities. This communication can be done in person by hosting events and through regular email correspondence. A typical month as a Representative is outlined below. A more thorough, 12-month, list of responsibilities can be obtained by contacting the Graduate or Undergraduate Student Affair Officers (contact information available here:

Typical Month as a Campus/Student Representative

  1. Send an email communication to psychology students at your university updating them on CPA (e.g., conference, publications) and psychology-related news and events at your university or within your community.
  2. Meet with other CPA representatives (this can include the Campus, Graduate and Undergraduate Student Representatives, in addition to the Faculty Representative) at your university to discuss potential events and ways to promote CPA at your university.
  3. Verify that the CPA recruitment posters are still in place and intact where you posted them.
  4. Be available to communicate with other psychology students at your university regarding CPA and psychology-related news and events. Be willing to recruit volunteers to help with events and inform them of the benefits associated with CPA membership.
  5. Communicate with Campus/Student Representatives from other universities and the Graduate and Undergraduate Student Affairs Officers to remain informed about various CPA-related initiatives, awards, and events.

Representatives will complete a bi-annual report (Fall and Winter) to share information regarding the projects they have worked on throughout the year.