Council of Canadian Departments of Psychology (CCDP) / Conseil canadien des départements de psychologie


External Board Representation

Dr. Sandra Byers
CPA Board Member representing the CCDP

Council of Canadian Departments of Psychology (CCDP)

Formed in 1999, the CCDP’s primary objectives are to represent and promote psychology as a scientific discipline inside and outside university settings.   They serve an advocacy and informational role with regional and national agencies which provide research and scholarship funds, and provide leadership and perspective in the areas of undergraduate and graduate education, program accreditation, and research that takes place within departments of psychology.  The CCDP maintains an active listserv, website, and database to ensure that its members are informed and connected.  The CCDP has over 60 members from institutions across the country, from Vancouver Island to Newfoundland.  

The CCDP works closely with the Canadian Psychological Association as well as the Canadian Society for Brain, Behaviour and Cognitive Science (CSBBCS).   They are also active members of the Canadian Council on Animal Care and the Canadian Consortium on Research.  Working together, we and our partners lobby national agencies to advocate for continued support for research and teaching in psychology.   Many CCDP members are also active in the Council of Graduate Departments of Psychology.

For more information about CCDP, please contact:
Dr. Sandra Byers
Executive Director

CCDP Reports to the Board

March 2008